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Nightvision Googles?(Army base)

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So, pretty much a flashlight that lights up the whole area at the direction you're facing?


You need to make some downsides, like they run out of batteries and you need to find some sort of special battery meant for them(if they even use batteries)? Maybe an annoying green tint on your screen whenever you use it?

Also, to correct you in a polite way. It's goggles. :P



Edit: Crap, I didn't notice that this wasn't in the PZ suggestions.

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lol, yes GOGGLES would be great. They should have some disadvantages: first they should be extremely rare. also a narrow field of view. The green hue would be good too and make them go through batteries really fast.


the advantage would be much greater discretion by not attracting attention from Zombies or other survivors.

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I like this idea - It could be balanced by

1. A green tint hindering your colour perception / ability to see at distance (Like the short-sighted 'perk')

2. A short battery life - they would burn through batteries more than 5x faster than a flashlight

3. Rarity. I mean, how many people in your neighbourhood have NV goggles?

4. Unusable in light/daytime - Under large streetlamps, inside lit rooms or outside in the sunlight the goggles would become unusable and would have a 'whiteout'. Worse than you might think - there are lot of streetlamps in Muldraugh

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