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Homemade Bats (and clubs, too)


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Homemade Bats

(and clubs, too!)

v1.4.31 for Build 31

(1.3.30 for Build 30 still available at the Nexus link for those not on IWBUMS)


Coded by Dudeman325

Icons by WolfeClaw


Download at the Project Zomboid Nexus

Download at PZ-Mods


Included in Hydrocraft with expanded recipes!

Seriously, check it out!




--- What does this mod do? ---


Having trouble finding a weapon besides Planks and Spoons on a pillaged multiplayer server? Broke all your weapons after an extended survival? Make some decent weaponry from basic materials!


This mod adds recipes to make clubs (1-handed) and bats (2-handed) from Planks, Duct Tape, Wood Glue, and a Saw. The idea is that you layer a few planks together with glue, use the saw to cut it into a rough shape, then wrap some tape around the handle. You need to have at least a basic understanding of Carpentry, and can make more durable weapons with a higher skill level. Master Carpenters can even make industrial-quality Bats and Clubs from a Log with a Saw (rough cuts) and a Hammer and Screwdriver (chiseling / carving). All clubs and bats can be made into a "nailed" version that sacrifices durability for more damage. All weapons are repairable with Woodglue, Duct Tape, Glue, and Scotch Tape. Nailed weapons can also be fixed with Nails.


Clubs are comparable to a hammer as a weapon, but are less durable (same as a Baseball Bat at Carpentry 8) and cannot be used to build. Homemade weapons (Carpentry 4) are slightly less durable, and Crude weapons (Carpentry 1) are even less durable and do a bit less damage. All weapons use vanilla Bat / Nail Bat artwork.


Crude weapons can use Glue as a replacement for Woodglue, and Twine as a replacement for Duct Tape in the recipes (Twine cannot be used to repair at this time) to give more options for materials in low-loot situations.


--- Recipes ---


Crude Club

-Carpentry: 1

-Saw (returned)

-Plank x2

-Woodglue 40% of a bottle or Glue 40% of a bottle

-Duct Tape 50% of a roll or Twine 60% of a spool


Crude Bat

-Carpentry: 1

-Saw (returned)

-Plank x3

-Woodglue 60% of a bottle or Glue 60% of a bottle

-Duct Tape 50% of a roll or Twine 60% of a spool


Homemade Club

-Carpentry: 4

-Saw (returned)

-Plank x2

-Woodglue 40% of a bottle

-Duct Tape 50% of a roll


Homemade Bat

-Carpentry: 4

-Saw (returned)

-Plank x3

-Woodglue 60% of a bottle

-Duct Tape 50% of a roll


Club / Baseball Bat

-Carpentry: 8

-Saw (returned)

-Hammer (returned)

-Screwdriver (returned)



Nailed Club / Bat (any quality)

-Carpentry: None

-Hammer (returned)


-Nails x1


Recipes will not display unless you have ALL the items and the necessary skill.

Recipes display in-game as needing multiple glues / tapes / twines. This is the number of USES, not the number of rolls / bottles / spools needed. Woodglue and Twine = 5 uses, Duct Tape = 4 uses. All weapons in this mod can be made with just one full roll / bottle / spool of tape / glue / twine.

Repairing with Woodglue requires level 2 Carpentry.

Repairing with twine is not included because there aren't enough "slots" for repair items available for the nailed weapons at this time to include twine without removing a different item, as well as the fact that twine is not usable to repair anything else. Since this would make the repair recipes different than vanilla repair recipes, I've chosen not to enable twine as a repair item at this time.


--- Changelog ---



-Added custom icons by WolfeClaw

-Recipes updated for Build 31 (Homemade @ Carpentry 4, Master @ Carpentry 8)



-Weapon stats updated to match changes to melee weapons since Build 27



-Carpentry 5 recipes now require a Hammer and Screwdriver for fine carving, alongside the Saw for rough cuts



-Added Carpentry 5 Club

     -same recipe as Carpentry 5 Bat

     -stats similar to a Hammer with durability equal to a Baseball Bat

-Carpentry 1 (Crude) weapons have more options for recipe materials

     -Glue can be used instead of Woodglue

     -Twine can be used instead of Duct Tape

-Removed Duct Tape from Carpentry 5 recipes


--- Known Issues ---


Sometimes the recipes will not be visible if you have EXACTLY enough tape / glue / twine left. Any help with a fix would be appreciated!


--- Permissions and Credits ---


Coded by Dudeman325

Icons by WolfeClaw


Please attempt to contact me via PM before redistributing this mod, either altered or intact. You are, of course, more than welcome to alter this mod for your own personal use without permission. I will make a point to change these permissions if I am not able to keep this mod up-to-date with the current version of PZ.


Have fun, and PLEASE post here if you have any questions, comments, or bug reports! Thanks!

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Updated to Build 29 / IWBUMS 30, with almost assured compatibility when Build 30 goes live. Finally got this thing updated to match the melee weapon update!


@Frenchiveruti I'm not sure what you mean by "graphical recipes." Should I post some screenshots of the recipes in game? This mod doesn't add any new sprites / models, the new items just use the default Baseball Bat art.

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