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[24-7][PvP][US-Chicago][Vanilla][build 27#1] Zy's PZ Server


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Server Status: ONLINE

Last Soft Reset: 11:59am Friday 7/11/2014

Next Soft Reset: ~Morning Friday 7/18/2014




[6/28/2014]: Hey everyone!  Been running a private server with me and some friends the past couple weeks, decided it's high time to open it to the community.

No mods required; should be up 24-7; PvP enabled; pauses when players are offline; otherwise, normal settings.  No white-list necessary.  Maximum players is currently set to 64; will most likely be lowered once I get a feel for how many players we can support w/o lagging.

Server IP is

Server also has a subreddit available for the community at: http://www.reddit.com/r/zysPZserver/

You can reach me either in this thread, or the subreddit.

Have fun out there!

[7/06/2014]: Soft-Reset dates have been determined!  Early Friday mornings, when most people are at work/class, I'll be doing a soft reset, so as to maximize Water/Electricity up-time during the weekends, when most people are available to play.  Still haven't decided if/how we'll handle Hard Resets, feedback welcome.


[7/11/2014]: Server has been set to Public!

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Hey, sorry to everyone who was playing today and kept getting chunk errors. It was an esoteric issue that affected only Linux servers, caused by the freakish amount of files that PZ divides the map into.


AFAIK the issue is now resolved; let me know if anyone is still getting abnormal amounts of chunk errors.

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So, the transition to public went better than expected, though not exactly without a hitch.  Doubled the RAM on the server, will be monitoring it closely; let me know if we have any more unexpected crashes / lag spikes.

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Last night I went into the gunshop looted some stuff took it far away put it into a crate I had made ran back to get some stuff I could not carry and repeated several times and it just kept restocking.

Today I watched as a hoard of zombies was almost insta respawning even though they had all just been killed by shotgun...

Might want to check what the rates are for loot restocking and zombie restocking. As if you kill a hundred zombies and then 10 minutes later you kill another hundred and rinse and repeat over and over in the same area that seems bad.

Might have to do a complete map reset after checking the settings.

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Hey everyone!
As you've likely noticed, the server has recently been reverted back to build #28. I love the new blocks available in #29 and the zombie performance has never been better, but unfortunately overall stability is back to pre-#27 levels.
Since the server has spent more time restarting than it actually has running, I reluctantly reverted back to build #28.
The server has also been temporarily "hard-wiped." I have the map files backed up, so don't worry - I simply did not have the time to do a proper soft wipe when I made this change. I intend to restore the map as soon as possible.
Do know that I will have to restore to our latest backup from the original Build #28 days, however, so there will likely be some structures that are lost. It's the only way to avoid problems that may arise from trying to revert a #29 map to a previous build.
'Zed count is astronomical again, and that is unintended. I like having huge 'zed counts but it just isn't possible in #28 without serious stuttering. We'll be reverting from "Romero" zombie settings back to default settings shortly.
In addition to these changes, the actual machine itself is getting upgraded, so expect a new IP address soon - as well as a performance boost - once complete. The old server will be officially depreciated on 10/12/2014, so users will not be able to connect with the current IP address from that date forward.
Pretty excited for these changes, hopefully everything goes off without any kinks. I'll be updating all relevant pages with new information as it develops.
In the mean time, good luck, and have fun out there!
- Z

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