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Mod items/recipes translation

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Hi everyone.


I'm currently struggling on translation (localication) of recipes and items introduced in a mod. I suppose we should be able to do that without modifying PZ's installation folder, right?


So I've created  C:\Users\User\Zomboid\mods\mymod\media\lua\*\Translate folder as well as translation files within it, but PZ seems not to parse it  :(

My hope was that contents of Item_<LOCALEID>  and Recipe_<LOCALEID> would "append" to the the default ones, provided in corresponing files located in PZ's installation folder. Unfortunately, they don't.



Console outputs contains following:

MOD: mod "MyMode" overrides media/lua/shared/Translate/RU/Items_RU.txtLoading RakNet from: ./translator: language is RUA problem occurs with the translation : Slice Bread : "Нарезать хлеб,

which makes me think that PZ tries to read mod-provided translations. On the other hand Process Monitor registers shows that no bytes were read from mod's Items_RU.txt

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