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The official pz's mini-game and more

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I like Last Stand for what it offers in its own way, the zombie track  feature is the big fav of mine in general too. That's an option you could choose i'de love to see added to on sandbox. It could be the whole map used, or just a portion cut out from the "landmark" areas. 


I have no idea how many play it anyways, you'd not have to be a lurker and speak up. 


I like its cabin in the woods one, but variety is needed to. Maybe even have a stockpile option if they wanted with all there construction needs never worried again, and build a fortress that will stand the test of time against the undead. Sorry if this is not simple, to me it would be. Just cut a piece from the map really,right? and add the supplies

I haven't fiddled with the map editor at all dont do that stuff but If i would make a map, could i put it in a challenge map?(thats saying i think the challenge map has the zombie tracker code or however it works. 


Everyone's experience is different on zomboid, i miss seeing this in survival, after awhile of a safe-house set up you hardly see zombies bangin on your door. Yea i know there's no zombie migration. But i just want to see my dream fortress surround with 100's of zombies all around and im in side just makin bacon stew. I allreayd play sandbox alot anyway ways now with insane option for zed counts.


I think having a whole city or maybe even Mull itself, to spawn in and given all your needs for survival , in a few crates or have a infinite inventory system with everything in it.


Hell the whole mini-game itself could be called Fortress Standing

Theres no hunger involved, its day all the time and your just holding your castle, before the zed overthrow. The start of the game can be the same, no zeds at first then waves slowy progress. Being the map larger, it would take longer for them to reach you, depending where on the map to you are ofcourse. All zombies would spawn on the edge of map, so unless your bold try to avoid that area for building.


The cabin in the woods at night experience is great but we need another one now eh?


Why not right? ;)  



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