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1. Cause of death. tell the player what killed them. i was in good health no injuries well fed and on day like 37 and just dropped dead...no reason, no explanation. 

2. mapping besides "bread crumbing".

3. better first aid/more info in the health panel. such as splinting, antibiotics, amputation, listing disease status.

4. non over powered vehicles such as wheelchairs, skateboards, scooters, mo-peds?

5. co-op activities (for amputees wheel barrow using a gun while friend pushes?) climbing, co-carry bags or things like furniture

6. perhaps make it so crafting recipes register even when items are in separate equipped inventory bags on your person.

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nothing new? i looked around. has someone really suggested amputees and wheelchairs or pushing someone in a wheel barrow while they use a shotgun?

Amputation and amputees at least have been suggested a few times before. The thing with amputation is that it would be really hard to do it. You'd have to make completely new models, removable parts on all of those models (which would require an entirely new way of handling models in the first place), new animations for characters (such as when a player only has one leg, when a player has no legs, how a player with one or two arms would carry a weapon, and so on), a solution for what a player would do when faced with an amputation (would a player with no legs be forced to just stay still?) as well as how it would even be done in the first place since amputation is very deadly if not done right. Actually, you would most certainly die unless you had the right tools for it (just bandage won't stop the bleeding, and it'd get infected very quickly) and some form of knowledge/experience about how/where to cut without messing up really badly.

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