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Kills with improvised weapons not honored! Posible Bug.

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I thought about putting this into the bug section, but decided otherwise as it could also seen as a lack of feature.


With the new 27 Build it got, at least for me harder to find a proper weapon. (I LIKE IT!!!! :-D)


Result: I kill a lot of zombies with pens, pencils, forks spoons or with my hands etc.


However: These kills are not honoured in the blunt or blade combat section!!!


In Fact there are not honoured at all.


Last time i killed 46 zombies with my hands or spoons or the like and i did not get a single xp from it. (I don't even know if the butter knife gets blade xp but i think not otherwise i would have a few.....)


This is a serious bummer for me as i kinda like killing this way. Also actions/surviving in the game should be rewarded.


My proposal would be: Make a hand to hand combat skill. This skill improves when you kill with improvised weapons or with your hands.


With progression it would need less hits on the zeds to kill them.


Other idea is to put spoons, forks, etc into the blunt category for xp gaining :-D


Would like to hear the opinion of a dev on this.


Thanks a lot!

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Yeah, I believe that killing a zombie with your bare (bear) hands you should get more xp than when you move your arms by 45 degrees south with an axe in your hand and a zombie in front xD

I think the hand to hand skill shouldnt improve stuff like damage, though, and more like how quickly you can kick a zombie, and increase the chance of a zombie to fall down when you shove it instead of going backwards.

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