Hard reset (deleting everything) Problem.

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I have followed the FAQ and done everything to our server to try and "Hard" reset it i have deleted the X:\users\administrator\zomboid directory completely and allowed the batch file to remake a fresh server etc it seems to reset everything but the players themselves when they rejoin they are not forced to choose new chars they come in with their last played toon. I thought this was all stored in the mysql file but i guess not where is this little bugger stored if not in the zomboid game folder nor the users/admin/server folders? 


I even made sure that the servertest.ini had a new random number diffrent then the old one for ResetID=XXXXXXX


kinda puzzled here on how to fully reset a multiplayer server


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It cant be the way to manually delete your Characterfile to rejoin a Server after a hardreset. What are those ServerID and ServerPlayerID then for?


A Server has a specific "ServerID" which has to match the ServerID in your Character Filesto join the server. <-That would make sense to me.


But the description for the ServerID says somehting different as following:


determines if the server has undergone a soft-reset. If this number does match the client, the client must create a new character. Used in conjunction with PlayerServerID. Please, backup these IDs somewhere


So i would think that you have to create a new Character when this ID isn't matching up.


Is there a way to reset the Server where Players dont have to manually delete there old Playerfiles?

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3 minutes ago, Enoahe said:

What if I change server port?


If your goal is to force everyone to create a new character than changing the port is probably the easiest way. You could go a bit further and change the server ID as well, then they won't be able to use their old save data to continue their old characters.


Clever idea, Eno!

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