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Body-Part-Specific Interactions

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Body-Part-Specific Interations

Orientation: Singleplayer/Multiplayer

TL;DR: The pulling, punching, grabbing, tying, blinding, biting side of Project Zomboid.


When looking back at one of my previous posts (shameless self promotion incoming: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/8689-hostage-takingdraggingcarrying-bodies/#entry112447) I realized something that could both improve that idea, and become its own idea all together, at the same time. The simple interaction of two characters, living/living or living/dead.


Here's an example: Will has been shot in the stomach. Poor Will. Ted, wanting to get his best friend out of there, grabs him up under his arm, and drags him off. Now, Ted could have just threw Will over his shoulder, and RAN off, but he knew this would cause complications for the wound.


Example Número Dos:  Will wants to show Ted his new hideout, but he doesn't want him to know where it is quite yet - Ted can be a bit of a jerk, when it comes to stealing things - so Will wraps a blindfold around Ted's eyes, and slaps on a set of handcuffs for good measure. And, just for a good laugh, he slaps a second pair of handcuffs on Ted's feet. Will is also kind of a jerk.


Example Номер три: Ted is bleeding bad from a nasty bite from one of the zeds. The bite is right around his left arm. However, right now, Will just wants to get him out of there. So, being the good friend that he is, he throws him over his shoulder, and runs off. On the way home, Ted starts whining about how it hurts, and how Will is only making it worse. Will gets tired of this, and bonks him on the head, knocking Ted out. He then proceeds to drag Ted inside by his legs, and throw him on the bed


(The simplest way this could be implemented is a new small GUI that shows a person's outline.You could then click on the outline to select which body part you want to interact with. Arms, legs, torso, head, eyes, mouth, etc.)



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