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A young wizard got caught in the rain while travelling across the river on his trusty, old boat. He uses MAGIC to protect himself from it. It's super effective!




Tookie tookie!

These drawnigs are very nice, because I don't know how I should these drawnigs assess, because these drawnings have backgrounds. 

So, 3rd place for Leolvanov and Viceroy!


Ok, it's time to show my work.





2rd place Family animal!

And winer is Kwarak!




Ephialtes not work in Sparta so he grabbed gladius and went to fight in the name of the Empire!

Did not work out too well, you can still see the duck :C


Sorry for English

Ephialtes is funny:)




Dave hated being a car salesman, so he gave up his job to be an elvis impersonator!


P.S This is my worst drawing to date, not saying my other ones are any good :P

And diploma for _Gold_:)

This is very nice idea!

Kwarak is winner, brawo!

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You can rotate it, and you can draw outside the outline, but you can't modify the outline :)


Yeah - so, if you wanted to turn the outline into a spaceship, say, and then draw the space background behind it - that's fine.



Just keep in mind that the rules do allow you to create a background :P



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