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Colour Me, Stupid!

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Colour me, stupid! is a revolutionary never-before-seen original concept where the entrant (that means you) has to take the provided outline (there it is, down the bottom!) and colour (using any pixel location and RGB value setting art software you may have) it in making something that looks like (has the appearance of) something, vaguely.

The key, you see, is not drawing something obvious - if the outline is a teddy bear, don't draw the inside of a teddy bear unless you do something where you literally see its insides (livers, kidneys, etc) but instead do a spaceship, or a man riding a donkey, or something.

Here is an example...

Is it a wizard in a wizard's hat?

No! It's a penguin!

You get the idea! You can rotate (in 90 degree steps) and flip the outline to your heart's content and make something out of the inside, outside, or both if you like - there are no hard and fast rules and no entry will be disqualified for any reason unless you draw something completely filthy! Pervert.

The more creative the better, but don't panic if you can't draw very well because we don't judge on quality - it's about the idea! So the more amazingly you can turn one thing into another, regardless of whether what you produced only looks like a mountain gorilla if you squint a lot and use your imagination, the more chance you have of winning!




Just download the latest outline (at the bottom of this post), do something funky with it, and then post your entry in this thread along with any explanation you might want to add.



The winner of the previous round provides the outline and chooses the winner of the next! Okay, so you don't get a speedboat or anything but it's the thought that counts, and I just thought about a really cool speedboat.


Please keep outlines to 128x128 or smaller.





Download it! Flip it (optionally)! Colour it in, stupid!

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Is paint accepted?


Anything which can load up the outline and have stuff drawn inside it, and then save out the image in a web-friendly file format (.gif / .png / etc) will do :-)


.jpg is not so Ideal because it's so lossy, but if that was the only option then it's better than nothing :-)

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This looks like it will be fun. I'm definitely going to have a go later. How/When is a winner decided?


After a decent number of entries, I'll specify a closing date / time - and then after that I'll declare the winner. That winner will then provide the next outline and declare the winner of that round. And so on.

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A man undergoing an exorcism, after being recently haunted by a couple of happy pacman ghosts.



This wins it for me, 


Amazing comedy +1

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