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Disease and Class Specific Abilities

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New Diseases and Class Abilities

Orientation: Singleplayer/Multiplayer

TL;DR: Includes realistic diseases for the situation, and new class-specific abilities.


Before explaining this suggestion, the idea to add diseases to the game does not stem from the idea that the game is not hard enough. However, the ultra-realistic vibe that comes with playing the game suggests that adding such things to the game would make it even more real for the player.


Simply put: Diseases that fit the situation could change gameplay a bit. In the winter, staying out without proper clothing could cause fever, and require specific medicine. Stay near the bodies of rotting corpses without properly disposing – such as burning – of them could cause any number of possibly fatal diseases, some of which bring about the second suggestion; new class-specific abilities.



For example: Ted has a habit of going zombie hunting, then piling up his kills in his living room next to his couch, chillaxing next to his trophies as he watches the static on his television. However, it just so happens that one – or forty – of the corpses has(if they were a player)/had a bad case of malaria, and now Ted is sick! However, Will was a doctor before the apocalypse, and can now examine Ted, and tell him exactly what’s wrong. Maybe even – with the proper medicine – could treat this illness, and save Ted’s life. This makes Will an essential addition to any zombie survival team, as Ted just doesn’t have the qualifications to deal with this kind of thing, being a body builder and all.

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I really enjoy the idea about the medic. As of now, anyone could play the role. But with that, it would make a medic/doctor more important. Say, for example: Your a doctor that's out of supplies. You go looking in the nearby grocery store. Then, a group of bandits surround you, and each have guns. There are two ideas I have for this. 1: One of the members are severely injured. You say that your a doctor, and if they let you go, you'll help them. So you treat the wounds, and they either let you go, or kill you. On the other hand, they may let you join their group, IF they need a medic. It would have great role play bonuses to the game.

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