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Dragging Bodies

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The ability to drag around corpses was added/talked about in a recent patch notice, so I was thinking that it'd be cool if the same could be done to living humans.


For example, if a player were to incapacitate a living human, player or NPC, and drag them off somewhere safe, or dangerous, or locked away.

You could knock out another player, and drag them off to a room, and lock them inside, or tie them to a chair, and make demands, maybe call up their friends. Typical hostage stuff.


On another note, maybe being able to use incapacitated enemies as human shields, and such. Like, knocking someone out, handcuffing them, then waking them up and dragging them around by the arm, or with an arm around the neck, gun pressed to their cheek.

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Funny thing is, now that they've talked about poison (or added it, I only cook boring soup in game) it's a real possibility for you to feed em sleeping pills, tie em up with some twine and rob em blind, then run off, actually... I'm off! Time to write another suggestion!

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