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Crimson Caravan

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(Current I.P.







Welcome Survivors of Knoxville County!


Crimson Caravan is a trading organization established inside of Fort Knox, we are finally expanding our operations into the areas of Muldraugh and West Point, Kentucky.


However we are requested traders and guards to accompany us in this expansion due to the scarcity of able bodied workers, in which we are offering all survivors a new life if they are willing to work for us, life will not be easy and we will have to head into infected zones daily to supply the local survivors however in the end not only will you be making a better life for yourself but you will also be making a better life for the survivors of Kentucky and soon the United States Of America. 




Here is a list of jobs and the description and perks that come along with them




Trader: The Backbone of Crimson Caravan, they are in charge of scavenging and trading supplies with the nearby survivors.



  • Must be capable of thoroughly scavenging
  • Must be capable of handling a melee weapon or firearm
  • Must be able to broker deals that work in favor of Crimson Caravan


Pay: Traders will be supplied with food and (If needed) ammunition and weapons they will also be able to keep 35% of the gained traded goods.









Guard: Protectors of the Traders and builders they are responsible for keeping Crimson Caravan Employees safe and sound.




  • Must be capable of protecting Traders and Builders 24/7 and capable of having an Eagles view of his surroundings.
  • Must be capable of expertly handling an firearm or melee weapon
  • Must be capable of killing other survivors to ensure the safety of Crimson Caravans Employee's.

Pay: Guards will be supplied with food (From the trader if on scavenging missions) and ammunition (Given before heading out) they will be given 35% of the gained traded goods.





Builder: Helps build the infrastructure of Crimson Caravan, however due to Crimson Caravan just reaching this area no constructions will begin at the time given.



Requirements: N/A

Pay: N/A




Runner: Our recon man who will clear out trade sites before the trading parties arrive and will also be scavengers.



  • Must be Athletic and Strong
  • Must be capable of being quiet and capable of using melee weapons
  • Must be on call 24/7 for clearing trade routes.


Pay: Varies from missions









Information:  (Current I.P.


  1. We will travel server to server and provide trading opportunities to other survivors and surviving factions in the general area.
  2. We do not have a set up outpost but in time we will have a trade zone set up with guards on duty 24/7
  3. We will have a chat system that all members will be capable of getting into so we can organize loot trips etc.
  4. We are friendly traders but if another player is a threat feel free to scare off or eliminate the threat.













If you are interested in joining please contact us on our radio station (Reply in the forums)




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