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n00b question about Bags


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Hey all!


So I just wanted to ask...how bags works?


I mean can I just go around with all my inventory slots filled with bags every for a specific items like ammo bags, weapon bags, food bags ecc and get a weight reduction for all or do the items inside the bag are too heavy to carry around?


Consumable Items: do consumable items like Water Bottle need to stay in my inventory (brown box) or can I let it in my back pack to make it work?


Another question is: is really so "annoying" moving items between containers?

I got an ammo bag, specific for shotgun and pistol bullets, everytime I come back home do I really need to:


-Take the ammo bag from the shelter in the rest room

-Unequip my curret Loot bag

-Equip my Ammo bag

-Move ammo in my inventory to the Ammo bag

-Unequip Ammo bag and store it in the shelter in my house

-Equip my Loot bag and go back outside for other loot






edit: guess the first question is useless, I bet you get weight reduction only for the bag you have currently equipped on you're back right?


I can just equip one bag or there is something that I can do to have two? Like school bag on the back and a Hiking bag on the side? Seems fair enought for a zombie apocalypse survivor^^

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You can equip a bag on your back (granted its real life counterpart could be carried that way) and one in your secondary equip spot, ie your extra hand.

Water is auto drank only if it's in your main inventory. Food can be in a bag. I usually carry one bag for food and one for weapons and tools.

For your last question: yes. You have to (essentially) do the same in real life. It's easier to make a crate for certain things and organize that way instead of holding things in bags.

Big hiking back is the best for weight reduction :).

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Thanks a lot for you're answer, but le me be disagree in the last point, I mean in real life I dont have to do all those movements to take bullets from my current backpack and place them in another bag inside a shelter, I mean I just take bullets from a bag to another one :P


Do not misunderstand me, I love this kind of stuff, this are details that makes the game what we love, but the first times dealing with this is really annoying, especially when you forgot to take out bullets from you're loot bag and you unequip it, you take the ammo bag and say "OMFG bullets are in the other bag!" so unequip ammo bag, equip loot bag, take out ammo, unequip lootbag, equip ammo bag ecc xD



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I mean I just take bullets from a bag to another one :P

Have your looting bag on your back, equip the ammo bag secondary (right click -> equip secondary) and simply move your stuff from one backpack straight into the other.

Bags inside your shelter are properly closed of course (be a decent survivor), so it would take at least one hand to open it irl. ;o) thats for the "realism part"..

I was a bit surprised and excited, the moment i realized you can equip a second one in your hand. But i didn't figure it out myself. Had to watch a lets play to see that this can be done...

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