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Hello. So the other day I was thinking about some stuff that I think should come to PZ soon. Here's a Few (Feel free to leave your own in the comments.) 


1. More improvised weapons. This should be added soon, because it adds a more survival-y feel. Things like knives on a stick (could be made by sawing a plank into 4 sticks) and duct tape to tape them together and make a spear (Like a knife but with more range) and could break easier but can be repaired with duct tape.


2. More non-improvised weapons. We need more of these as well. Aluminium bats for one, break easier but is easier to find. Maybe a machete, a hatchet or a larger array of knives...


3. More guns and attachments. We need to have some more guns. Period. Hunting rifles, assault rifles, revolvers, carbines (this ones a bit controversial among the PZ community, people think that it would be just like the pistol but maybe it has more attachments for it and is more powerful?) and maybe a doulbe barrel shotgun? Attachments would include scopes (Allow to see MUCH further away from your character), laser sights, suppressors (Should only be added when they add a military base that should have mounds of zombies around it.), not really an attachment but gun cleaning kits or oil and maybe some holsters (Only military bases and police station.)


4. Firing gun at levels. This is a big one, you might think "Why have scopes and hunting rifles if your just standing on the road?" well this is where this come in play, imagine you could fortify Giga Mart, sit on top it in a chair (Oh yeah add sitting) and allow you to take pot-shots and zombies below.


5. More perks. Also big there should be some more professions and perks for current ones. Security guards should be able to sleep in chairs, benches and maybe the floor! Park Ranger should be able to walk through trees faster as well as being able to have better fishing and other survivalist skills (once they're in the game)


That's all I got for now but I'll make another list soon.

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#4 has me really conflicted. on one hand, i love your example and have thought the same thing many times. but on the other hand, i don't really want this to become a  FPS type game where such a thing is oh so common.


when hunting comes in, the ability to sit up in a tree stand would make this feature an absolute necessity.

but when trolls stop by your server you don't want to give them a way to KOS even easier, without even seeing who just shot you.



as for #3, among the things you list, depending on the era the game is set in, laser sights may not even exist yet. and suppressors (silencers) have been discussed in here quite often with there never really being a consensus among the community if they would even be practical for the game.

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Personally I don't think I want to see player driven aiming. It takes away from the fact you're an actual character in the zombie apocalypse and means your character's aiming skill isn't well reflected.

I'd rather have it driven by dice, so to speak; the higher a player's level, the more accurate the shot, more chance for a headshot etc etc. I don't think the perspective lends well to mouse driven aiming. 

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