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Jobs and occupations


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First off I did search to see if this had been brought up already. if it has and you can provide a link to the thread that would be appreciated.


so far we have:

  • unemployed
  • security guard
  • police officer
  • fireman
  • ranger
  • builder

these are some ideas for perks I would like to see:

  • Sailor = less effected by rainy/cold weather
  • chef = advanced cooking skill. tasty food with less ingredients.
  • miner = see better in dark and make explosives (if added)
  • office worker = does not get bored
  • lumberjack = can cut trees faster and make more planks per log

what occupations would you like to see and what would be the perks?

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Student - Starts with a random book.

Barman - Hard to intoxicate.

Grocer - Slightly increased item transfer speed.

Gardener - Bonus to the amount of seeds returned by farming.

Huntsman/Forester - Increased movement speed through trees.

Plumber - Can extract water one more time from fixtures than regular.

Writer/Journalist - Increased effect of journal and increased page-count when crafting a journal.


Other traits without specific professions:


Hard-lived - allows sleep on any surface.

Skilled camper - Increased success rate when starting fire.

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Recently while surfing on the wiki of the game I found this one  :

"There are several more occupations in the game files that are not finished yet. They are:

  • Military Soldier - Higher chance to loot weapons from zombies
  • Military Officer - May call for supplies (calls a helicopter to drop supplies on a certain location), Unavailable later on the Game
  • Salesperson - 
  • IT Worker - Starts with a Laptop in his inventory ( infinite source of happiness as long as there is power and after that as long as his has batteries)
  • Office Worker -
  • Truck Driver - Will gain some bonuses while driving or by driving 
  • Farmer - Starts with 1 skill point in Farming
  • Cashier -
  • Shop Clerk -
  • Fast Food Cook - Cooks food faster
  • Cook - More damage to zombies while using kitchen weapons ( Pans and Knifes)
  • Chef - The food he cooks increases happiness and reduce more the hunger
  • Burglar - Less chances triggering the alarm
  • Drug Dealer - 
  • Nurse - Applies First aid items quicker
  • Doctor - May craft Medicin
  • Waiter - Less chances of stumbling while sprinting ( If Stumbling is inserted)
  • Customer Service -
  • Janitor - less chances of becoming infected
  • Secretary - More happiness with magazines , books etc
  • Bookeeper - Less chances of making noises  
  • Accountant - 
  • Teacher - Establishes easier friendly relationships with other survivors ( when there will be survivors)"

*Note the traits they are offering you are my suggestions they were not mentioned.

My additions :

  • Religious - Cannot be bored while in a church
  • Athlete - Takes more time to become exhausted 
  • Terrorist - When he will die he activates a bomb mechanism with a radius of 50 m to each side. (If bombcrafting is inserted : More chances to survive crafting a bomb)

I think what they have in motion is enough and I would really like to see it . 

What I would like with the Starting occupations is that each of them will have some houses marked. What I want to say is that when you first spawn in the game there will be 6 houses you may spawn as a Farmer and also that these houses will contain items that Farmers use for their job. 
The same goes for other Professions too. 

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  • 1 month later...



Special Traits:

- First Aid (Capable of using bandages on other survivors to stabilize them in critical condition)

- Diagnosis (Capable of discerning if a survivor is infected)





Special Traits:

- Catlike Tread (When sneaking and walking, moves completely silently, only detectable by smell and line of sight)

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Sociopath / psychopath  -  doesn't get sad.  isn't bothered by lack of human contact.  doesn't get bored, thoroughly enjoys carving up zombies and remaining NPC's.   + xp on blades skill


If they added this then I'd want this to be one of the traits gained from playing the game rather than picking it at the start. It would add nice immersion into what kind of survivor your character is slowly growing into.

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I like the Occupations, and I look forward to more. I just hope when they are revisited they are changed and improved.

Professions that offer a 1 off, e.g. start with +1 to cooking will be useless for the longrun, same with ones that just contain starting equipment.


I hope they will all be useful, in all there individual ways that look towards longer benefits.Something along these lines.


Current Occupation Improvements


Unemployed- None

Something thats just empty


Security guard- Night Owl + Inceased Night Vision

Less sleep in great, but useless in multiplayer. Extra Vision at night will be good and helpful


Police officer- Slighly Improved Aim & Reloading + Start with Handgun & Ammo

Yes better aim, but perhaps not as good as a solider. So give starting weapon instead with perhaps more skill towards the handgun rather than the bigger guns.


Fireman- Axeman & Improved fire fighting + Less likely to catch fire

We all hate fires, and hopefully we will be able to fight it, and the fireman shall be the best at it (And more careful)


Ranger- Outdoorsman + Spot wildlife more easily.

Weather resistance is great, but perhaps a little extra to spot the animals for when hunting is brought in.


Construction Worker- Higher Health for walls+furniture, quicker building, starts with a Hammer (Maybe thick skinned)

The one people would want to build the forts, perhaps quicker exp in cart


Suggestions of Occupations



Carpenter- Can craft unique furniture, starts with 1 or 2 Cart Skill. No Nails required.

Give him the ability to be able to create unique furniture, perhaps requires no nails even! And a bonus to start off with


Car Mechanic-  Able to fix up vehicles, easier access to vehicles

For when vehicles are introduced, perhaps make him the only person able to fix up cars, and quicker at hotwireing! Starts with spanner? :D


Doctor- Treat Serious Injuries, Medicine more effective.

When more/if injuries are introduced, perhaps the more serious ones e.g. broken legs, serious illnesses, can only be treated by a doctor. He also knows the right dosage to give you!


Paramedic/Nurse - Treat Minor injuries quicker, diagnose if infected or not

Perhaps a faster version than a Doctor, but can't cure the extremes the doctor can. Perhaps can treat minor injuries with minimal equipment.


Chemist- Can craft specific Medicines, Purify Water, Greater Molotovs

Someone who can make the Medicine, and clean out dirty water perhaps.


FarmerGreater output from plants/ greater plant helth

For people who like farming. Specifically can be greater at farming.


Student- Faster Exp Gain x2

Smiler to unemployed, but faster learner


SoldierImproved Aiming & reloading. More ammo and weapons found on bodies

Well, there have to be some soldiers. Perhaps improve rifle training the most, leave handguns to the Police.


Cook/Chef- Improved combat with kitchen tools, More satisfying food. Special Dishes

Someones gotta cook, and its better with this guy! Watch out for his frying pan. Even try his special.


Fast food Cook- Cooks a lot faster, resistant to hot tempreture

This one spent a lot of time in that hot fast food stop. Hence he can cook faster, and dosn't mind the heat as much.


Veterinarian- Can heal animals, Dog Trainer

Incase dogs and heading animals is introduced, so can a profession that goes with it.


Rancer- Better with livestock (More produce/quicker, healthier herds, breeding)

Something incase we get cows. 


Salesperson- Improved Trading and bargaining, can trade with more useless items

Mainly targeted towards NPCs, would be good at trading, and can sell em things they dont want and get things they want to keep.


Cashier/Grocer- Speedier packing, more space in bags.

They can find room in a bad you don't know existed, and do it faster. Great for scavenging.


Office Worker- They don't get bored,

Not everyone can have amazing skills. This one dosn't get bored, perhaps start with even more pens.


Burgler- Improved breaking into locked things, More Sneaky.

He can break into doors and windows, no alarms, into locked drawers more easier, steal cars perhaps. Plus he is better at sneaking and makes less noise.


Janitor/Caretaker- Can clean the blood up. Less chance of infection

He is clean, and the only person who really knows how to clean all that blood from your fort.


Drug Dealer- Can find unhealthy drugs, improve current drugs, create drugs. Is also Drug resistant.

This occupation is dodgy, his drugs can enhance what you do, he can find them or make them, or improve them. But they come at the cost of side effects, and addiction if taken.


Libarian- More Exp from books, quieter person

Less noise, they like being shuuuushhhh. And more exp from there books, perhaps the books they give to other people also improve exp rate.


Customer Service- Improves first impressions, can handle angry NPC's and ease the anger. Less prone to anger.

Hello, Anything I can do for you today? This one is the face, they are great at first impessions which help with NPC encounters.


Teacher- More control over large group of NPC's, can act as an improved book. Can Teach one profession to become another.

They can control a class, a group of NPC's, they can teach a groups or a person better than a book. And they perhaps can give a occupation to Unemployed or Student, Or improve an occupation Police-Soldier, Nurse-Doctor. Usefull for NPC's


Taylor- Can create unique clothes, change colour, change clothing type.

Someone to help with the clothes, perhaps craft waterproofs, or better warmth for clothes.


Fisherman- Higher Catch rate of fish, Bigger fish, Fishing equipment lasts longer.

The Guy who catches whales. Lots of them. And knows how to look after the equipment.


Hunter- Greater change of shooting wildlife, better at trapping & can create Unique traps

This guy catches the stuff on land, with traps only he can make, with more chance of brining food home.


Priest- Can calm bad moods, Helps keep NPC's together and united.

He can make people feel safer, whilst brainwashing them! Keeping God alive.


Military Officer- Leader, can control other soldiers better, Rifle Training

The one to lead the Soldiers, NPC's with similer backgrounds (Police, Firemen) They trust this person more.


PoliticianLeader, gains more trust from any occupation and help stabilise the group. More noticeable chat

This one can keep the community together, NPC's trust him. Also perhaps more noticeable chat to spot the one who can be in charge.






These are ones I can think on. I just with them to be more unique. Any comments/changes/suggestions?

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How about electrician occupation when generators and electrical devices are implemented ? If there was a skill, they could start with lvl2 or lvl 3.


Which seems completely useless, because then any other occupation will top it. Since them skill levels can be easily gained.


If it was something like extended battery life, unique electrical creations or quicker electrical fixes would be more fitting.

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How about electrician occupation when generators and electrical devices are implemented ? If there was a skill, they could start with lvl2 or lvl 3.


Which seems completely useless, because then any other occupation will top it. Since them skill levels can be easily gained.


If it was something like extended battery life, unique electrical creations or quicker electrical fixes would be more fitting.


Not sure about extended battery life, but electicians could make homemade battery rechargers, that would make batteries reusable. Yet there is not much to do when it comes to saving battery life(except with car batteries) and with each recharging the battery will run out faster.

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Psychopath is not a profession. It's a mental condition. And it should not give you any advantage in combat. Combat training is what makes you better at using blades, not mental illness.

You are right, serial killer would be a better label, than psychopath or sociopath since both are mental states.  Disagree on combat training. It is not the only way to gain efficiency in weapons.  Practice makes people good at using weapons, say people who hunt are usually good shots with firearms, sometimes better than those who have combat training or defensive training.  My friend is a police officer.  I shoot much better than him.  His hand to hand is pretty awesome though.  Anyways, serial killer could be a profession.  Blade skill bonus cause from a young age, spent time carving up animals and at a later age carving up people.  Blade XP bonus do to a very intimate knowledge of anatomy.  

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It's an interesting idea, but one has to wonder just how prevalent 'serial killers' are in any given society.  I'd hazard the guess that they are a vanishingly small segment of the population. 


With respect to how someone gains a skill, you are absolutely correct that 'on the job training' is not the only way to gain a skill, and as you pointed out in your anecdotal example sometimes someone outside a particular profession can actually be better at a given skill (or ability) than someone in a profession that uses that particular skill (or ability).  On balance, though, it's safe to guess that most police officers will be more skilled with firearms than most of the general population - which makes it valid for purposes of identifying a profession based skill in this game :)


To take your example further, though, how that would play out 'in game' would be if you had a player who chose the 'Police Officer' profession and got marksman as a result - but then spent most of his time whacking zombies with an axe.  He might have a level 3 in blades, but still be at level 0 in aiming and reloading.  He's got marksman so he's not hopeless with his gun - but neither is he very good with it.  You, on the other hand, choose construction worker - and although you start with no firearm related skill, you find enough guns and bullets to get in a ton of practice and you end up with aiming 5 and reloading 3.  Now you shoot better and reload faster than your police officer buddy despite his profession based advantage :)

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