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Era for Guild, a new indie game taking you discovering universe !


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Hi everyone !


We are Seederrant Studio and we're here to present you our first game ! :)


Created in September 2013, Seederrant is a french indie studio. Seederrant Studio is like a little seed growing up and tends to develop itself by listening at best at its environment.

Our goal is to create quality games, which please their creators ( meaning us ;) ) and most importantly their community (maybe you ?) !  


Who are we ? Well, we’re a small team working on a new indie game project. Michaël is Seederrant’s Studio creator, and is the only developer of the game. He’s helped by several persons on his project : friends, family, relatives..


Of course, we are videogames’ passionates, and we hope to discover in this forum new and fascinating  games. We also hope you’ll enjoy our game ! (Don't be too hurry, EFG's presentation is right after this !)


By the way, we’re looking for some help, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to send us a message at : contact@seederrant.com  ! ;)

Any kind of help is welcomed !



Now, let's talk about our game "Era for Guild" !


Era for Guild is a community game in which the player is a Settler racing for control of the Universe.


Does exploring the immensity of the Universe looking for new worlds thrills you? Then you will love this original project in which you live as a Settler discovering unexplored horizons. Run your planets, trade and battle with your competitors. Create your own or gather in a Guild, and fight in interstellar conflicts to determine which Guild will write its name in History.




You will have a lot of fun exploring the very vast and persistent universe that we created. The universe is expanding as our will and is theoretically infinite. Don’t be afraid of reaching the end of it because each galaxy encloses thousands of solar systems. Reach them and then we’ll consider adding new galaxies !


But don’t forget that you’re not alone in space looking for resources. Many other conquerors and explorers are here either to be your ally or your foe. Create tremendous guilds with these people and be the strongest estate in order to earn the Trinity status !




Era for Guild is a 3D game, designed for tabs and all computer systems. It is an experience of a touch application directly on your browser. Simple of use yet ambitious and offering many gameplay possibilities. This new ambitious project of community game taking place in space, combines strategy, management, battles, trade, exploration and social interactions with other Settlers. Now in alpha phase, we will regularly give you updates on breakthroughs, functionalities, etc.

To play and discover galaxies, it’s right here ! www.eraforguild.com :D


If you want more informations about our game or about us, you can go on www.seederrant.com


And don't hesitate to give us your feedbacks !


PS : Any questions ? Ask them !

PS 2 : Its an alpha version so don’t be too cruel ! ;)


Hope to see you as Settler !


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Slight nitpick on the website:




You have a quotation mark at the beginning but not the end. Also, given that the phrase is a descriptor given an item by a company (rather than a person) grammar would dictate that it doesn't need a quotation mark at all.


Otherwise, the site looks great and the game sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out when I have some more time.


If you're interested in picking up a producer or community manager, I'm on the market at the moment- feel free to ask and I'll shoot you a copy of my CV.

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@ Suomiboi : We fixed that in our improved alpha version that we will launch very soon. With the new version you can turn off the music thanks to a button. Thank you for your feedback and your interest. See you on EFG :)


@Rathlord : Thanks for your feedback ! It’s always interesting to have different point of view about our site in general ! Don’t hesitate to play EFG anytime !

We are an Indie Studio so we don’t have money for the moment, if you want to help us for free don’t hesitate ;) All advices are welcomed !

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Hello everyone !


Today, new stuffs on Era for Guild !


Indeed, we’re proud to announce you that Era For Guild is now on Early Access ! Don’t hesitate to come and play EFG, there are many improvements that have been made !


Battles are back, navigation and the landing page have been simplified !


There are several other changes !

To have more information about it, you can go read the article on our website !

See you at  the conquest of the universe on www.eraforguild.com ! :)

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Hi everyone,

Last time we gave you some news about Era for Guild, here are new ones !

I’m Malie, I’m a student working for Seederrant Studio.

I’m here with you today to introduce you our new patch 0.2. It will be launch shortly and I hope you’ll have some surprises.

In this new patch, we will change the interface for more comfort when you’re playing Era for Guild and you’ll have the possibility to destroy your ships (when they’re lost for example).

Ships and Planets now sends missiles on each other during battles !

There’s a lot of other stuff in this patch !

We’ll keep you inform of those changes.

Be careful, some settlers may want to extend their empire …



If you want more informations about our team you can read this article we wrote on our website !


Hoping to see you at the conquest of the universe :)

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Hi guys, Moonie’s here !


As expected, the patch 0.2 is now deployed :)

To see what have changed I invite you to watch this video or directly play at Era for Guild !




If you want to discover all improvements brought by this new patch you can read this article.


We hope to see you at the conquest of the universe !

See you later Settlers!


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