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Running several pz servers on the same dedicated server

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Hi all, so here is my issue, i have made a clean instalation, different files for both servers . 

steam/...common/ProjectZomboid/    "server1" listens to 16261

pzserver2/steam/..common../ProjectZomboid/ "testserver" listents to 16361


the problem (i think) is that i can see the test server assigning players to the same range of ports that server 1 does, so for example theres players on server one and still the test server assigns port 16262 to a player. 


I am trying to run several servers on the same dedicated machine, what am i doing wrong ? 



Thanks in advance .-



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Oh.  It looks like the player download ports are hard-coded to start at 16262 on every server.  I thought it would have started after the server port.  It should be easy enough to fix, in theory. :-)

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