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yeah i messed around with the ISScoreBoard.lua a bit, but right now i need to get the admintools setup to read from and write to a .ini file so it can be more customizable for admins . write is easy it seams, getting it to read the line i want isnt, well getting it to read at all isnt, so far. but ill figure it out. lol

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So I was able to duplicate the issue.


1. Have no sledge hammer in your inventory

2. Turn on build mode, make something

3. Turn on destroy mode and destroy what you just placed

4. You get a sledgehammer equipped automatically and it will not unequip without relogging.

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i think your using the old version, i just tried and it unequiped.


Normal PZ:  outdated


Bedford Falls PZ:  outdated


paste the media file into the ProjectZomboid folder and it should overwrite the old version, or you can goto :/program files(86)/steam/steam apps/common/ProjectZomboid/media/lua/client/Mods and delete the AdminTools folder first to be sure.


did you grab one of these new versions? i know the issue existed in V1. i was having that issue with build in the first version because when it turned off it was missing a line of code that gave a error and wouldnt let you drop,equip,unequip anything till rejoin.


does the Admin tab on yours look like this? minus the save button.


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When using my own server I keep getting killed by the anti-hack built into the admintool.


Is there a way to verify that the admin password is set correctly or change it to whatever you want on your own server?  My original password apparently doesn't work.


** Fixed the issue.  Guess I had to add my own username to the .db file using the SQL editor.

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its just the kill for if a normal user uses it to hack , but if your still seeing the admin tools when your not a admin  you are probably on the older version and wanna update so it dosnt show at all for non admins plus the new version has more to offer.ill be finishing u the tabs for item spawning on the next release and hopefully have everything i wanna put into it done also. and ill be uploading a simple mod to block some of the known hacks soon too.

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When i move arround with tele i keep getting this error:



attempted index: getRoom of non-table: null-------------------------------------
function: showDebugger -- file: admintools.lua line # 113


It keeps repeating it for a while but works in the end.

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My Christmas list :P


A way to dupe objects.


A way to delete items.


A way to cycle through players


Showing player made construction in some special colour on the admin map.


A way to show the display name ID of an object.

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