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I want to Strafe and Crawl



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  1. 1. Would you like to crawl?

  2. 2. Would you like to strafe?

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So ya.. I want to crawl to avoid detection, and I want to strafe to dodge attacks.

While wandering in some tall grass I was thinking it would be awesome if you could crawl through tall grass to avoid detection so something like this would be a great step in that direction.

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Well we sorta can strafe using the ctrl key, but crawling I'm all for. Would love to be able to crouch and crawl for extra stealth or access to previously unreachable areas. That and climbing, being able to climb small heights even by jumping if necessary.


I think tall grass should rustles and makes noise/slow you down. This would be a similar effect to walking through trees, the rustling of the branches attracts zombie attention. However I think it would make it interesting to be able to crawl through tall grass which slows you down much like a tree.

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