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Spray Paint Mod v2.3a

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Item_TZ_Chalk_Red.pngItem_TZ_Spraycan_Black.png Spray Paint Mod Item_TZ_Spraycan_Orange.pngItem_TZ_Chalk_Blue.png
Version 2.3a
by Thuztor, Blindcoder, peanuts

Contributors: Ryun, gon
with initial help from RobertJohnson


requires "Blindcoders Modding Utilities"


-------->  Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=499153179 <--------

------->  Download at: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69737873/PZ/Mods/SprayPaint/SprayPaint2.3a.7z  <-------







You can find Spray Cans and Chalk in some of the containers.
- 9 colours (black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet, cyan) (chalk not in black)
- 17 symbols so far
Every spray can and piece of chalk has 40 uses.

- If you have one spray can or piece of chalk in your main inventory, you can open the spray paint menu to begin to spray/draw.
- After clicking on one of the symbol-buttons, a ghost tile of the symbol appears on your cursor.
- Now click left on the position you want.
- Your character will start spraying.

- You can't spray on natural tiles! Next Version!


Changelog 2.3a:

- fixed a bug with not existing black chalk

Changelog to 2.3:
- complete UI overhaul
- chalk items implemented
- new textures for items
- better multiplayer support
- rain effect on chalk symbols outside (disappear)
- mod compatibility (necro forge, toolbar, menubar)

- language support (german, polish)

- adjustable hotkeys in the game options

planned for the next versions:
- spraying on walls
- complex texts on walls with chalk
- sounds
- more symbols
- graffiti

- alphabet as symbols for making large text
- attack zombies with spray cans to make them blind and without sense of smell (animation also planned)

Have fun with spraying!



And inform me of every bug.

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Great mod!


I have a question, though.


Could you not *somehow* make spray painting free-hand, as in the paint spray follows wherever the mouse pointer follows?


IIRC one of the first lua videos showed by lemmy was a photo of captainbinky(?) following the mouse cursor in-game.

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The difference between that video and this mod is, that they work on two different levels.


The example video works with the x and y positions of the mouse pointer on the screen, whereas this mod works with its position in the world which is a totally different thing. You have to remember that the world is seperated into different tiles (imagine it like a chessboard) and each tile has certain objects and thus different characteristics. That's why you can't tell the game simply "okay paint on that wall as soon as the mouse pointer is over it" because it would still be "restricted" to the certain tiles of the map.


I hope that answers your question. Maybe Thuztor can explain it better than me :)

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Yeah, it's not really funny, if your character stands in front of a mansion and you can spray behind it, without seeing or reaching it.

It would be possible to let the character spray, while he/she is walking. But it would be a bit more difficult to code.

Later I will create "symbols" over more than one tile. So your character needs to walk to finish the graffiti or somewhat.

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Awesome mod! Also, maybe you could make the spray only be showed on roads or any stuff like that because it looks weird on grass and sand. Just saying



- spraying everywhere, except on natural tiles.


natural tiles = sand, grass and so on. ;-)

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Great mod. Hopefully one that'll get implemented permanently. NPC's could mark houses and that and yeah. Endless possibilities.


And then one day you come out of your safehoues just to find strange images all over the place ... and the deeper you go into town the more disturbing they get ... until you find out that npcs have managed to self-improve their ai and are taking over the world :o

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Wow a week in my new save and can't fine a can of spray paint anywhere, mod looks very nice though, thanks!


That's probably because the modloader currently can't load custom items. Is already fixed for the next update. Check your log for errors during booting of PZ.

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The directory structure is weird for .17 (Steam Version).


I can get the Spray v1 to load in the game by copying the "SprayPaint" folder out your structure and pasting it into the main mods folder.  No idea what the scripts.txt file is for or how it is used?


Can you modify this for the steam version?

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Brilliant idea, this should be in the main game as there is no official map available to view in-game. This idea is much better than using a map though. I'm not a fan of the spray paint though, I think it should be chalk only but I don't have to pick up the cans!

I do have a few suggestions for this mod though but you won't be able to implement them until AI is out.

1. Putting the Safe House decal will attract wandering AI (friendly and unfriendly), which has its gains and pains.

2. Spraying the Arrow decals will also attract wandering AI to follow the arrows forwards or go the opposite way to come into contact with you. This again has its pains and gains.

In conjunction with the AI following the arrows and the safe house decals other AI can also use these decals and can lure you into a trap or need your help (want to join your group).

The Chalk should have 100 uses per stick but should disappear if it rains, spray painting should be there permanently.


Something like this for chalk. ncegyh.pngdpk8d5.png

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I have a problem with this mod. I have the spray paint in my main inventory, but when i click right mouse button and go to the simbol that i want to paint, it doesn´t work, anything happens. Am i doing something wrong?


I have the same issue, I have the spraypaint in game and inventory as well as full access to the menu to spray, but when I pick my symbol and color it shows the progression bar and once complete there is nothing. No ghost symbol under my cursor and no paint on the floor, tried with different colors with no success.

I just downloaded the game on the steam platform only 4 days ago so I should have the newest version, any help?

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