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[Hardcore roleplay Server][Includes latest Bedford version] Picking up the Pieces [NO LONGER ONLINE]


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Hey all! This servers main goal is to introduce to the community a persistent and hardcore roleplay sever. Before applying make sure to check out the rules.


Server will restart everyday at 6 PM EST. No progress will be reset however, this only means the server will be down for five minutes or so.


USE REALISTIC IC NAMES AS USERNAMES PLEASE. I want to make it clear this means no numbers or random capitals in your name. Titles/stage names are fine, so long as they're not like Ki3th and JeNniFFer.


Local chat is IC. To emote use *. EX: *Eats apples.*

Global chat will be used forOOC.  We now have an IC Radio chat on the server website!



Server info and IP


The Rules of the Road


Our Website


Steam Group


The World Info


Download Bedford here

Little Extra info:

The point of the loot is to make sure soft resets don't happen everyday. I'd like things to get a little difficult because we reset.


And with that... I don't believe I'm missing anything. Make sure to sign up to the website!




Edit:  Added Events!


Current Groups/Clans


The Rogue Traders [bedford]


Revolution Confederation of Russia [bedford]


Catastrophic Disaster
Response Taskforce


The Bedford Republic [bedford]


The Human Empire of New Earth [bedford]


Got one to add? Go ahead and announce it/make a forum if you want.



The Timeline


Story So far:

(Each year will be updated with RP events).


It has been one week after the outbreak, people struggle to hold onto their humanity and find a way to live. There are very groups and bands to stay with, and people are actively searching for their families and friends.

No one is safe.

This is the end of the world.

This is how you died.



      A Russian plane crashes in Kentucky. [See raider Russian clan]

Military broadcasts and presence (3 months in) (Event link)

People begin grouping together and creating clans (4 months in)

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Right now, there is space for people to join and form their own niche of a community.


Even if not that much into RP, the place is there to enjoy.


Only those who are meaing to to harvests tear for the sake of harvesting tears arent welcome.


The most important thing is NO CHAR RESETS!


Unlike other places where any little burp is start all over, they got everything under control.


Love it and am making it my server of choice.

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  • Farming, rain, fire and blood tiles are back ! (again... woops)
  • Fixed the "put in bowl" option not working for pot of soup.
  • Fixed the orange fishing tackle not working.
  • Fixed some crash in MP due to user name.
  • Changed the SVNRevision number (so client connecting with an older version won't crash your server).


  • Mash has changed the farming tile, they're now even more awesome !  (clyde) for Mash !



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The clan The Rogue Traders has been updated. 


Feel free to join the website and make your own clans and IC rumors around our apocalyptic world!



An IC rumor section has been added to the website. Got something you want spread around a certain town? Go ahead and post it! *Warning: If its outrageous/trollish it WILL be removed. Adult rumors are allowed. EX: Cannibalism, brutal raiders, ect ect.*

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