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should be able to make sandwiches depending on items ham, bread, bacon, lettuce, meat patty, tomato, etc. and should be able to make jello with sugar, bowl of water, one type of fruit and smores should be craft-able with a stick and fireplace if you have crackers chocolate and marshmallows



bows should be craft-able with a piece of string and planks of wood if yr strength is over 12 inventory wise.... and arrows should be craft-able from knifes tent poles planks and duck tape or twine it would give use to twine as well and destructive arrows should also be craft-able where you combine gas with arrows and match or lighter or use alcohol instead of gas or batterys and bottle of water and wire to make electricity arrows also make it to wear you can make pipe bombs if you find the book to read for it items to make a pipe bomb draino and pop cans or aluminum foil would put emty soda can in trash cans or full soda cans in homes and vending machines wouldnt quench yr thirst as much as a soda bottle would.... ps if someone could make a modd to where you can kick crawlers in the face by clicking and commanding to stun them for 10 secs would be amazing it makes sense right y cant i curb stomp a zombie when he is down should work with any zombie on the ground also where are the machetes and lawn mower blades at? lol


clothing and armor:

i know everyone else wants it but y havnt anyone made these things yet should be able to combine duck tape or twine with newspapers and magazines to prevent scratches on the arms and legs and should be destroyed after being scratched on the arms or legs ten times helmets and running shoes to sprint faster or boots to do more damage with curb stomping would also be amazing


ps we should be able to hog tie zombies with belts or rope just for the fun of it expesaly if your one of those ppls that want to feed your wife who turned on you or if you just want a friend for the next couple of days yr both still alive also the hog tieing feature would be amazing with pvp or random survivors

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