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Community of Mica (Old map Editor)

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   Well, back in the day, I was making a 4 cell map on the original tilezed editor.  I called the region "Mica" as a placeholder, but it stuck like flies to zombies so I kept it.  I was working on the 3rd cell when my computer pulled a fast one on me and I lost some of the data.  Well many moons later, the updated editor was released and after much thought I decided to scrap it and start working on another, better map.  Needless to say, rather than see the two finished cells and months go to waste, I decided to just release the original .tmx's to the public to be picked apart and used however.


The First cell consists of a large, turn of the century prison surrounded by dense forest and low density housing.  The second cell Is mainly a large trailer park with a storage complex near the highway.


Please note that in making this, I had no real way of doing tests and the like (Didn't own the game, knew someone who did)


Sorry I don't have screenshots.


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