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For all you confused people out there saying "BUT CHOCOLATE IS CANDY."


For these purposes: Candy = Lollipops, Gummi Bears, Jawbreakers, Nerds, Skittles, etc.

                                 Chocolate = Chocolate (Of course)

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Chocolate is much more pleasing thing a package of sour patch strings. Artificial flavoring and sugar just does not do it for me.

What, do you eat cocoa beans straight up or something? Chocolate is one of the most bitter substances around if you don't add a lot sugar to it.


Honestly, I love sweets. Eat them sparingly since a fistful of warheads does not a healthy meal make, but eat them I do.

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It's tough because Peppermint is the ultimate candy flavor.


But I had to go with chocolate.  I could accept a life without candy, but not one without chocolate.

hello im sory but uh i think you mean to use ultimate unless you think peppermint is terrible because the word penultimate means like second to last in a series instead of first weird yeah they sound a lot alike and i used to use it interchangably with ultimate and then a lovely person corrected me so now since i think you're cool and will take the constructive criticism well i will illustrate it to you


man this forum really needs a proper heart emoticon thing


past the cavities, i pick candy 5ver because i have better self control around it and usually doesn't make my throat and tongue feel grainy if i eat too much. B)

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