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Great game, has a lot of potential, and I can see it going far, but my suggestions aren't a simple "add a new recipe/trait/profession" as I don't see those things as improving the lifespan of the game (those "recipes" are things which I believe are best for the mod community). I've spent the better part of 6 hours typing out this shit, so... uh....


So far in my survival game, I've killed the majority of the zombies on the map using a shotgun and MMORPG kiting tactics. I'm able to wipe out 300+ zombies in a matter of minutes by kiting them into a large open area and mowing them down with a shotgun and surplus shells, but once the zombies are gone, it basically becomes another (albeit graphically worse version of) The Sims, which really sucks. I want to feel like I'm in danger - all the time. I want to feel like any day could be my last. I don't want to spend the rest of the game playing 'Old McDonald had a Farm'. I want the game to have replay value. I want the game to feel like it didn't scam me out of $$$ for 10 hours of gameplay (sorry, but in regards to replay value, this is largely true.)


What I'm suggesting might already be considered by the devs, or it might not, but I feel my suggestions will help improve the long term gaming value of Project Zomboid (especially multiplayer), and help retain a lot of players. I have no doubt the recent PZ steam sale was quite successful, but I doubt a significant number of people that purchased the game would be playing beyond the 15 hour mark. This game has potential to not simply be a good game, but an amazing game, especially multiplayer-wise, but currently, in my (unprofessional) opinion, it lacks the balanced long-term value to make it a raging success, either in single player, or multiplayer.


Zombie respawning, difficulty, and 'special' zombies

As I've already stated, once you've killed all the zombies in an area, the game is too easy (and seriously boring). I believe the zombies should respawn in random locations around the map every 5 to 10 days, with between 30-200 zombies spawning at a time. This would help alleviate the sudden emptiness that is experienced once all the zombies are wiped out. Additionally, the zombies could be made to be more difficult as time passes (this has already been mentioned in other threads, but I'm a big supporter and feel it should be mentioned again). The longer you stay alive, the harder the zombies become. The difficulty could increase every 4 to 8 weeks, or whatever is considered suitable. The difficulty of each newly spawned zombie could be based on a % multiplier, eg. 5 weeks = +5% chance of increased difficulty, 10 weeks = 10% chance of increased difficulty, 15 weeks = 15% chance of increased difficulty, 20 weeks = 20% chance of increased difficulty, 25 weeks = 25% chance of increased difficulty, etc. This would prevent players from becoming complacent and would require a change in tactics (no more shotgun kiting), and introduce a new element of survival. If you spent those early couple of weeks preparing well, then you should be ready for the zombie onslaught!


Another possibility is to include 'Hunter' zombies. Special zombies that exclusively hunt the player. These might only randomly spawn 10-50 at a time, but it would add a new aspect to the game. Knowing that every minute of the game, you are being hunted by smarter than usual zombies. These could follow the same spawn patterns as the regular zombies, where they spawn every 5 to 10 days, between 10-50 at a time. They might all spawn at the opposite side of the map, and then, one day, 4-5 weeks later, you've got up to 250 zombies smashing up your fort, trying to devour your brains. I don't know what idea or vision the developers have with regards to the zombies, but I believe this would be a big hit amongst all players. It would really emphasize survival, developing escape routes and strategic building, as well as utilising multiple safe houses. In multiplayer it could be taken a step further, by having X amount of hunter zombies spawn for every player that has played a certain amount of time on the server. The new players would need to play for a certain amount of time before a new number of hunter zombies will spawn. Hypothetically, with 100 players on a server, that means 100-500 hunter zombies will spawn every 5-10 days. They might all go for one player, or for a mix of players. It would truly require people to work together, create a worthy (sustainable) stronghold, and survive the waves of zombies.


This could also lead to a Multiplayer starting area, where it's a stronghold protected by NPC's, and the players occasionally have to help protect the stronghold. After a while, the players are told to leave, and have to fend for themselves (or join a group/clan/guild/whatever), but are able to return (if they're not visibly sick or infected) to trade goods. But I don't know. That's a different topic again.


RPG Style Stat Points

Some people are either going to love this idea, or hate it, but personally, I'd love to see RPG style stat points introduced to the game. It would add a personalised element, unique to each player, and would give the player extra incentive for keeping their character alive (I've "killed" 7 players so far just from collecting resources from around the map to build a nice stronghold with a main character). It would improve replay value, as there would be different ways to build a character, and, in multiplayer, it would give more meaning to the term 'veteran survivor', with a greater emphasis on a balanced group/guild/clan/whatever (especially with the suggested profession changes.)


Some stat points, which I think might be suitable are:

  • Strength (STR) - Affects carrying capacity and melee damage.
  • Stamina (STA) - Affects ability to run faster when exhausted (will require change to current exhausted mechanics), and reduces sleep duration (heal/recover/recuperate faster in sleep).
  • Dexterity (DEX) - Affects ranged weapon skills and sneaking/climbing.
  • Agility (AGI) - The ability to avoid damage from combat/falling (eg. dodge/roll/parry etc) (works with PC and NPC alike, eg. PvE and PvP).
  • Intelligence (INT)- Affects Carpentry and other trade related skills.
  • Wisdom (WIS) - Affects food related skills (farming/cooking/fishing etc).
  • Luck (LCK)- Affects everything.

Note: STR's benefits and DEX's benefits would be fairly balanced in this way. Increased capacity is great, but combat wise, you have to get up close and personal, likewise with DEX, sneaking doesn't exactly work with using loud firearms. The major benefit they provide is negated by the combat requirement.


My idea of how each skill would affect each attribute would be like this:

  • Blunt/Blade - Strength
  • Aiming/Reloading - Dexterity
  • Carpentry/Other Trades - Intelligence
  • Farming/Cooking/Food - Wisdom
  • Sneaking/Light footed/Nimble - Dexterity
  • Sprinting - Stamina

I could see two possible ways for this to work:

  1. The stats will automatically increase at each level up depending on what skills are used. At each level up you can gain a maximum of 2 points based on what skills got you the level up, PLUS a possible +1 to LCK (random chance). So if, for example, you gained a level by using mostly melee skills and carpentry, you would gain 1 point to STR and 1 point to INT. Additionally, there's a small (1%-5%) chance of gaining a point to LCK. If, however, you got a level up by simply using melee skills, then you would get 2 points to str.
  2. The other possibility, is using skill points for stats rather than for skills. At the moment, my survival character has 19 skill points banked and waiting to be used. Until a skill has received enough exp, the skill points can't be used, so they're useless. If we had the ability to put them into stat points (within reason of course), it would make the game a little more strategic in how you plan and play your character. Do you put all your skill points into skills, or do you put them into stats? Or do you choose an equal mix?

Regardless of which system is used, limitations would have to be introduced to prevent it from becoming game breaking. For example limiting a maximum increase of 10 points to each stat.


Additionally, for the sake of balance, an increase in one stat point could result in the decrease in another. For example, if you were to primarily use melee weapons (STR), then your STR stats would increase at level up, but at the same time, your DEX skill would decrease, and vice-versa, using DEX skills would decrease STR (after all, a strong oaf is not going to be a nimble ninja!) This is all assuming there's a limit, of course (the last thing anyone would want is a STR stat of 1 - you wouldn't even be able to wear clothes!) For personalisation, and unique character building, all of this would add another dimension to the game - nobody can be perfect in everything - which realistically reflects real life standards. If you try to be perfect in everything, then you're going to be mediocre, at best.


EDIT: Each stat would provide a bonus to the player in the form of practical or skill based benefit. I thought long and hard about this earlier, but I'm too tired to type it all out now. So maybe tomorrow instead.



At the moment, I believe the only profession worth using is the Construction Worker. The ability to withstand cuts and scratches is better than everything else offered by the other professions, and the Thick Skinned perk in combination with resilient trait will make a player virtually immune to disease, injury and zombification. The other professions don't have anything even remotely comparable to this. Also, each profession should have a negative trait to coincide with their positive traits - even a professional will have their own drawbacks and internal demons!


At the moment, I believe the biggest problems with the professions is their ability to become a master in any skill, and I don't believe that is right.


I've created a list of the professions, along with abilities/traits/skills, which I believe most closely reflect real word professionals, as well as trying to balance them with negative traits. Even if the class has Positive Traits or Negative Traits, they don't get a bonus nor penalty to trait selections, and as a result, will not have points to spend nor balance.


Professional Skills       = Blue    http://pzwiki.net/wiki/Occupation

Positive Traits             = Green (Underlined)    (Currently implemented) http://pzwiki.net/wiki/Traits

Negative (General)      = Orange (Requires implementing)

Negative Traits            = Red (Underlined)    (Currently Implemented) http://pzwiki.net/wiki/Traits

Conditional                  = Turqoise (Underlined) (Requires implementing)




  • Has a bonus 8 points to spend on traits
  • Receives a -50% penalty to experience gain.
  • Can become a master in all skills.

A bum in the ultimate sense of the word. Has no formal talent or skill, and yet, skillwise, the unemployed is without equal. While they are slow to grasp new skills and abilities, the unemployed can easily become the most skilled of all professions. Although, it will take a lot longer to get there.


Fire Officer

  • Axe Man 
  • Hot Temperature Resistance. (Isn't affected by hot temperatures due to training and experience. Can effectively wear winter clothing in summer and only experience mild discomfort,)
  • Naturally  Brave  (They run into fire, what more can i say?)
  • Has Keen Hearing (Naturally more aware of their surroundings, important in a fire as visiblitiy is low, so they must rely on hearing.)
  • Becomes  t ired 25%  faster and therefore requires sleep more often (Reflection of their on-call style work, and their need to get sleep whenever they can)
  • Is Short Sighted.
  • Cannot select Eagle Eyed or Coward or Hard of Hearing traits.
  • Is only 1 of 2 profession that can become master in Bladed Weapons.(5/5)
  • Can only achieve max. intermediate level in Blunt, Aiming, Reloading, Construction and Farming.(2/5)

While the Fire Officer is great with an axe, they have tremendous amounts of courage, and are aware of their surroundings. They simply don't have the time to commit to building and farming projects. Likewise, they are required by their profession to be skilled with the axe, that they never bother training with firearms, and their training has made them highly resistant to hot temperatures. The demands of work are physically very taxing, and as a result, the Fire Officer requires more sleep than the average individual.


Police Officer

  • Marksman
  • Eagle Eyed. (After all, a police officer is trained to be observant).
  • Resilient (They deal with all kinds of scum and junkies on a daily basis).
  • Highly prone to depression
  • Has a Hearty Appetite.
  • Is a Hypohondriac. (With all the exposure they have to scum, it's no wonder they're so paranoid.)
  • Cannot select Light Eater or Short Sighted or Prone to Illness traits.
  • Can only achieve max. intermediate level in Blunt, Blade, Cooking, and Sneaking.(2/5)
  • Is only 1 of 2 professions that can become Master in Aiming and Reloading.(5/5)

The Police Officer is a fantastic marksman. Trained to observe and apprehend targets, they are perfectly suited to dealing with human disputes, albeit they are highly prone to depression due to the events they experience on the job. This depression translates into an unhealthy eating disorder, whereby the Police Officer enjoys everything in excess, from Donuts to Sunflower Seeds. Food is an escape for the average Police Officer. Due to their training, and demanding work hours, the Police Officer is not skilled in the art of silent approach, nor the culinary arts, nor in melee weapony skills. They are, however, only one of two professions capable of achieveing Mastery in Aiming and Reloading. Due to training and experience, the Police Officer is perfectly suited to a front line combat role.


Park Ranger

  • Outdoorsman (Can wear summer clothing in winter and only experience mild discomfort. Not affected by rain.)
  • Expert Foresters (all saplings planted and maintaned by Foresters grow 50% faster. Can forage for food and water in trees/forests. This skill also improves Hunting/Trapping skills within the local area for everybody.)
  • Naturally Strong (to reflect the fact they have to carry lots of supplies while hiking through the woods)
  • Naturally Claustrophobic.
  • Cannot select Agoraphobic or Brave or  Weak  or Feeble traits.
  • Can only achieve max. intermediate level in ALL combat skills, farming, and Construction. (2/5) (A Park Ranger knows how to live off the land, not how to fight, farm and build.)

The Park Ranger is the custodian of the wild. Trained to handle the harsh environments and live of the lands, they are the ultimate survivalist. They understand the lay of the land, as well as the fundamental requirements for flora and fauna to coexist in harmony. While they are trained to survive in the wild, they lack the skills to succeed in combat. Additionally, what can be achieved in the wild is vastly different to modern day suburban living. As a result, the Park Ranger severely lacks the skills and abilities in combat, farming, and construction, as their knowledge only reaches as far as the edge of the forest. While the Park Ranger is perfectly suited for survival, he struggles with living inside buildings and small rooms.


Construction Worker

  • Thick Skinned
  • Building time/repairs reduced by 40%
  • Start off as advanced carpenter (3/5 Carpentry).
  • Construction Worker is addicted to alcohol and Tobacco
  • Is a Light Drinker. (I've never known a person working in a trade that wasn't some sort of substance abuser and didn't come to work drunk or with a hang over).
  • Is Short Tempered
  • Construction Worker is more Prone to Illness, due to beng a drunkard.
  • Cannot select Hardened Drinker or Resilient or Patient traits
  • Is only 1 of 2 professions that can become master in Blunt Weapons.
  • Can only achieve max. beginner level in Blade, Aiming, Reloading, and Lightfooted. (1/5)

A violent drunkard and a fool! Despite this, the Construction Worker is second to none when it comes to hammer in hand, with all construction work being done in only a fraction of the time it would take an ordinary citizen to complete. Due to the rigorous demands of the building industry, the Construction Worker has developed a physically Thick Skin. While the Construction Worker is a drunken idiot, he's not without his merits. In his intrawork conflicts, he has developed mastery with blunt weapons that other professions can only dream of. Being a drunkard, he's a heavy footed

Security Guard

  • Night Owl
  • Naturally Lucky.
  • Is a Light Eater
  • Is Overweight. (Seriously, have you ever seen an in-shape security guard? I haven't. Ever!)
  • Is stupidly Clumsy.
  • Cannot select Athletic or Graceful or Unlucky or Hearty Appetite traits
  • Can only achieve Expert in ALL weapon skills. (4/5)
  • Can only achieve max. advanced level in Carpentry, Cooking, Farming, and Fishing. (3/5)

A lazy overweight security guard whom spends most of his time sleeping on the job. Who needs to go on patrol, when it's so quiet around here? I think I'll just sleep a little longer... The Security Guard is the lucky individual that gets to sleep on the job. When they get called out, there's nothing there.No delinquents. No break-ins. No problems. The Security Guard gets to go back to their comfy chair and rest. They spend so much time sleeping on the job, that they require less sleep on their time off. In fact, for them, the job is almost a chance to catch up on last sleep. And they're lucky, too, considering how clumsy they are. Perhaps the only reason they've never come across a crime is because the criminal heard the Security Guard's clumsy feet long before the Security Guard appeaerd. For the security, this peace and quiet works well! It allows him to catch up on reading Books, Magazines and DIY manuals, giving him a rounded (no pun intended) education.




All the profession have been balanced in a way that makes them both strong and weak in certain areas. Additionally, they have greater multiplayer value, as working in a balanced group allows for the best chance of survival.


For example In a group of 4 people that play multiplayer together, a groupe consisting of Park Ranger, Construction Worker, Security Guard and either Police, Fire, or Unemployed for the last spot, would provide an extremely well balanced group. Park Ranger can provide the timber and environment for improved trapping, the (drunk) Construction Worker can handle all the building/repairs, Security Guard can provide crowd control (killing zombies) and snagging rarer loots from their corpses, and the remaining player can fill the gap any of the remaining 3 characters create.


Park Ranger (continued)

The park ranger is an expert forester, which means the park ranger has the added ability to maintain saplings planted by them (park ranger cannot maintain saplings planted by other professions). This maintenance work would be very simple stuff that isn't actually detailed in the game, but simply revolves around current occupational requirements such as: removing debris, cutting down rotten/diseased plants, removing pests, etc. Basically, a Park Ranger allows a plantation of trees to grow faster and more succesfully than what would happen for the other professions. In addition, this maintenance work provides a better environment for wildlife, and improves the hunting/trapping success rate within the area. They also have the ability to forage for food/water amongst trees. The forage ability would have a random success rate, and a time based refresh rate, eg. a park ranger can't fail multiple times in one spot until finally getting lucky, they have to keep trying new spots. When they succeed, they don't actually get food food in their inventory, but rather, their hunger/thirst level decreases.


The Forage success % would need to be deteremined by the devs in order to be balanced.


Ability to replant saplings after chopping down trees (Forestry)

It gets to a point in this game where you have to run to the other side of the map for more logs. This is, for lack of a better word, a pain in the arse. What would be great is the ability to replant trees we've chopped down in a way that is similair to Minecraft. After chopping down a tree, there's a chance a sapling will drop, which we can replant. Conservation is something that has been around for a long time, with many ancient civilizations realising the importance of sustainability. This would allow for more sustainable gameplay with respect to building/cooking/maintenance/repair. (There would also be an ability for which the Park Ranger receives a massive bonus towards this feature - explained above).


Skills affect quality of work

I believe the skill system needs a bit of a change. If you become a master in carpentry, the quality of what you produce should be dramatically better than when an amateur can produce. For example, a master carpenter should be able to build the same thing as an amateur, but use fewer materials in the process. Or, for instance, the skill progression coul change the requirements for certain things. eg. Beginner = -10% materials, Intermediate = -10% build time, Advanced = -20% materials, Expert = -20% build time, Master = -30% materials. So becoming a master would mean you end up with -20% build time and -30% materials to make an item. Or something along those lines. At the moment, the current skill system doesn't have any significant effect on the products other than how they look. I want to see an improvement in the overall quality of the item, and not just the visual quality. This goes for all the skills. Mastercrafted crates could have a 50% weight reduction bonus. Campfire its could have a +50% burn time. Rain catcher barrels could have increased capacity. I'm only talking about carpentry related items, but it really applies to everything.


Book/Magazines/Newspaper turn into Trash when read

One way to combat depression/boredom in this game is to read a book/magazine/newspaper, but when you've finished reading, the material disappears. Why? Why would it suddenly disappear? Just because you've read it doesn't mean it should disappear, right? I feel these reading materials should turn into trash, which can then be used as an ignition source to start camp fires/ovens. I've been camping many, many times in my life, and we commonly used old magzines and newspapers as firestarters (long after any of us had read them).


Sledgehammers should destroy ALL wooden walls

This was one of the most exciting features I had read about this game! Think about it: you're being chased by zombies, you've been chased into a room with no doors or windows. There's no way out. You have to fight your way out. At least that is until you find a sledgehammer in the room, and you use it to bust down the wall and make your grand escape! Sadly, this isn't the case. I was immensely disappointed by this. This game made me excited at the prospect of being able to knock out a wall or two of a house, to escape, or possibly even add an extension to it. But I can't even destroy fences or crates, which sucks in a really big way. In reality, if we can't use a sledgehammer to do what is claimed, then the information regarding demolition should be changed to "You can only destroy doors, windows, and what you have built yourself (except floors for some strange reason)".


Cut through chain link fences and barbwire fences

This is similair to the sledge hammers in that I think we should be able to cut through chain link fences and barbwire fences using a pair of sidecutters/pliers. Additionally, the barbwire fence could be cut and collected and reused in our own constructions.


Ovens (wood/coal/charcoal/oil/gas/electric) and chimneys

A camp fire is good and all, but it would be great to be able to build our own oven based on available materials and supplies. We could use mud and grass, bricks and mortar, or even salvaged iron and steel to make a simple wood fired oven, which could be used for an increased variety of recipes (pizza) as well as heating a house. Additionally, a chimney would need to be built to accomodate the oven. Anyone who builds a  fire indoors without proper ventilation is a fool asking for death! So a chimney makes sense. It would also provide better, longer lasting heat for the house, including top floors. All at the expense of a light source, of course.


Alcohol Still

The still could be used to create alcohol from farmed fruit/vegetables. Different types of fruit/veg could be used to make different types of alcohol, and the different types could be used for different things. For example some types of alcohol could be used for First Aid (disinfection), some could be used for boredom, others could be used in Ovens and Lamps (next suggestion), some could be used in cooking, and others could be used for combat/malicious reasons.


Oil Lamps

Put simply, these are lamps that burn oil. The oil can be found throughout the map, or created via an Alcohol Still using the proper ingredients. The lamps could be suspended on a pole (for static area lighting), or they could carried in hand. This would be a sustainable alternative to the current Flashlight/battery and Campfire setup. A simple Oil Lamp could be made from Soda Can, Oil, and some tissue/rag/sheet/bandage/whatever.


Video to see some samples:


Starting fires

We should be able to set things on fire with matches/lighter and a suitable fuel source. If I'm being chased by a horde of zombies and the only thing I have is a bottle of spirits and lighter, I should be able to lead them into a forest or a house, and then set it on fire. I want to burn a house down wihout having to shove a dead rat in the oven! My inner pyromaniac burns with disappointment!


Fire should destroy grass/trees

Self explanatory.


Being tired should make you pass out or even die!

Self explanatory. My character hasn't slept in over 4 weeks. It's game breaking. Needs to be fixed.



We should be able to build beds. This would coincide with a proper sleeping system (similair to Robomat's sleeping overhaul). Comfort level of where you sleep affects your the healing/recovery/recuperation process.


Cutting grass

Been mentioned already by others, but cutting grass is essential in my opinion. We could use it as kindling, compost, bedding, animal feed, food (yum!), or whatever. And being grass, it could grow back quite quickly


Irrigation and/or drip system

Based on the Drip Irrigation mod by Kyun (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4763-drip-irrigation-farming-rain-collector-barrel/), in my opinion, this is another essential feature. We should be able to automate the farming process ( to a certain degree) based on a combination of farming, carpentry, intelligence and wisdom.


Carry weight and Bags

I don't know what the carry weight is based on, kilograms or pounds, but if it's pounds, then these characters are stupidly weak and deserve to be eaten by zombies. Even if it's kilograms, it's still ridiculous. As an ex-electrician, I used to wear a toolbelt with 10kg of tools hanging from it, as well as carrying a portable toolbox full of tools weighing over 20kg, as well additional materials (up to a further 20kgs). At the time I was not a big guy, nor was I ridiculously strong (I only weighed 67kg at the time), but for an average person, they should be able to comfortably carry half their body weight in their bags/belts/pockets. The bag system really needs to reflect this. The Australian and British SAS regularly carry a 60kg+ pack in addition to 8-12kg webbing, 4-8 litres of water, and a rifle. Some operations require them to carry over 80kg in weight! While these guys are trained to do this sort of thing, it's not unreasonable to suggest an everyday person, with a properly fitted pack, cannot comfortably carry half their weight. This is something I feel needs to be looked at in the game.




I have many, many other ideas, but's now midnight, and I'm tired...

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Planter Boxes

Instead of dumping dirt on a roof and then sowing it with seeds, we should have to build planter boxes. Planter boxes are already common features of a lot of homes, apartments, flats and units, so it's not an unusual item.



Compost Heap

My cooking skills never get high enough to use rotten food as ingredients, and when the food becomes rotten I can't destroy it, which means it either ends up cluttering up my storage space, or left all over the ground. Having a compost heap would allow us to dispose of rotten food and create fertiliser (or mulch) for crops. (I believe this may have been a feature in Kyun's irrigation mod.



Pot-in-Pot Storage System

Cykodelik mentioned it here already: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7909-craft-food-storage-and-ovens/?p=104122


Added a post to his thread explaining the pot-in-pot storage system here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7909-craft-food-storage-and-ovens/#entry104122


Basically the pot-in-pot storage system was used by egyptians, romans, greeks, and other ancient civilisations, and is still in use in 3rd world countries where refrigeration isn't available. There's a small pot inside a larger pot, and the space between the 2 pots is filled with either sand or water, which helps insulate the smaller pot in the centre. All the fruit and vegetables are then stored in the smaller pot.


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Lots of good ideas man but some stuff is already a definite no http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions-read-before-posting/ (This thread is commonly suggested items and the possibility of them being added) Special zombies are a no, passing out is a yes, fires can be started with Molotov cocktails (which can't be crafted right now for some reason) or by sticking objects in an oven and leaving it on although it would be nice to start a fire just with a lighter and some kindling, skill levels already do affect the quality of some items, and sledgehammers can destroy ANYTHING except floors (You need to equip it and right click on objects you want destroyed and then select destroy).


Alot of your ideas are good. The zombie spawns are kind of messed up right now though. The devs plan to make zombies spawn on the edges of the map and then migrate in to represent zombies coming into the map from outside areas (like a real zombie apocalypse). Along with this they will add horde migration where hordes migrate looking for you. I really like the rpg style stat points but I feel the professions are weird. I feel they should not have limits on how much they can level certain skills. Even if I'm a construction worker that doesn't mean I can't learn how to reload a gun or aim one. The negative profession traits are good though. Lastly, I pretty much agree on everything else you suggested and all the suggestions are good.

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I'll start off with a typical question: 


Did you check this link http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions-read-before-posting/  ? Most of the stuff You mentioned was already mentioned before, hence i asked if you read the link i posted above.


Remember that the game is still in beta and were "Soon TM" from having NPC and lots of stuff that will massively increase playability.


Also addition of Sadist Movie Director will most likely fix the issue with "clearing the neighbourhood and having nothing else to do except planting potatos".






Didnt see Your post when i was typing mine, and your post actually says exactly what i was thinking about.

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A lot of what you've mentioned either already is in game or a planned feature. Check the commonly suggested suggestions thread. Remember, this game is still in the alpha development stage. There are many more features to come, including dynamic npc interaction and metagame events that will dramatically change gameplay and replayability as it stands. That said, welcome to the community!

Edit: man, ninja'd twice while posting my reply!

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You've covered too many topics in one post, but your main point about it becoming too easy once the zombies in an area are cleared is spot on, and although they are working on better migration systems, a finite number of zombies will eventually run out without fresh spawns, quite quickly on open multiplayer servers in fact. So I really do hope they have plans to have roaming new hordes enter the map, perhaps when the overall population gets to a certain level.


While we hope/wait for this to happen, I recommend joining one of Alice Cooper's open servers, he sets the numbers to high, spawns more himself where they are scarce, and has tweaked the zombie settings to a more difficult/challenging level, they half sprint half fast shamble, which makes kiting them far more dangerous than just running circles with no fear around the default ones. It keeps things tense and exciting like the early game which is the beauty of Project Zomboid.

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Lots of good ideas man but some stuff is already a definite no http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions-read-before-posting/ (This thread is commonly suggested items and the possibility of them being added) Special zombies are a no, passing out is a yes, fires can be started with Molotov cocktails (which can't be crafted right now for some reason) or by sticking objects in an oven and leaving it on although it would be nice to start a fire just with a lighter and some kindling, skill levels already do affect the quality of some items, and sledgehammers can destroy ANYTHING except floors (You need to equip it and right click on objects you want destroyed and then select destroy).

I'll start off with a typical question:

Did you check this link http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions-read-before-posting/ ? Most of the stuff You mentioned was already mentioned before, hence i asked if you read the link i posted above.

A lot of what you've mentioned either already is in game or a planned feature. Check the commonly suggested suggestions thread.

Yep. Checked the commonly suggested ideas thread. The different type of zombie was a definite No, the passing out and sleep quality were a yes. There was also more jobs, but my take on jobs was mainly on modifying and diversification of existing jobs. Otherwise, I couldn't see anything else in that thread about the other stuff I wrote, unless I've managed to miss something, and if I did, my take on an idea isn't necessarily going to be the same as another person's idea. Even the devs could have something planned, and then they see someone else's idea and decide to incorporate parts of that idea into their own.


Alot of your ideas are good. The zombie spawns are kind of messed up right now though. The devs plan to make zombies spawn on the edges of the map and then migrate in to represent zombies coming into the map from outside areas (like a real zombie apocalypse). Along with this they will add horde migration where hordes migrate looking for you.

My only concern with the spawning system is what will be considered the centre of the map? If I build my safe house near one corner of the map and the zombies migrate to the centre of the map, it means I will probably only see the zombies that path over, or close to, my safe house. And when they migrate, will they solely follow roads, streets, highways etc? If I build my safehouse in the centre of a forest, will they migrate through the forest or stick to open ground? I don't know the finer details on what the devs have planned for the migration system, so I can only guess.

Obviously the devs don't want to add zombies with unique AI behaviour, but even if they added it as a feature that can be toggled, it might be handy for people running their own server, and people who want a 'I Am Legend' style of game (which seems to get mentioned a fair bit) in sandbox mode. We can already customise a lot of the finer details in sandbox, but unless you go searching for the zombies, it's still very much the same (find, kill, clear, farm).


I really like the rpg style stat points but I feel the professions are weird. I feel they should not have limits on how much they can level certain skills. Even if I'm a construction worker that doesn't mean I can't learn how to reload a gun or aim one.

I'm not saying the professions shouldn't be able to use all the skills, I'm basically saying they shouldn't be able to master something that some professions would focus on for their entire life/career. For example, would you expect a professional chef to also be a master carpenter and would you expect a construction worker to be a master chef? A chef spends most of, if not all, of their working career perfecting their culinary skills and abilities, just as a construction worker does with building. It's not realistic that a construction worker could make food as good, or better, than a chef (unless of course the construction worker is extremely talented), nor would a chef be able to build as well as a construction worker. (From one of the profession files I've seen in my PZ directory, Chef was in the list, along with many others).

Another example would be if the devs wanted to include a 'Sniper' profession. There aren't many non-military people in the world that have the marksman skills of a professional sniper, so it would be unrealistic for most professions to be able to achieve mastery in the marksman skill.

The exception to this would be unemployed, but they take twice as long to get there (although, even as it stands, unemployed is probably a bit OP).

My ideas with rejigging the professions is more for a 'multiplayer balancing' point of view. Diversification of skills and abilities would promote more teamwork and variety between players, as nobody would be able to create a supercharacter that can do everything. When the game finally leaves beta stage, will people create groups/guilds/clans etc in multiplayer? If surviving in a post apocalyptic world overrun by zombies normally required teamwork, why would you need a team in this game when you can master everything, and do it all yourself? You don't need a specialist builder - you can do that. You don't need a chef - you can cook everything. You don't need a police officer - you can become a master marksman. All without penalty.


Remember that the game is still in beta and were "Soon TM" from having NPC and lots of stuff that will massively increase playability.

Yeah, I understand. But beta's are the best time to offer ideas and suggestions, no?


Also addition of Sadist Movie Director will most likely fix the issue with "clearing the neighbourhood and having nothing else to do except planting potatos".

Yeah, but again, my only concern is if I always have to make the effort to seek out the zombies. If I make my safehouse big enough, and in a location where they can't see or get to, then it will still be the same case of stay in the house and farm. I'll have all the supplies needed to survive, so I won't need to go out.


You've covered too many topics in one post

I'd like to keep all my ideas/suggestions in one easy to find location, rather than have them get lost in the horde. :) If people don't want to read it all, they don't have to, and I definitely don't want to try and force them.

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I got mixed feelings about your ideas m8.


What I approve:

-The Park Ranger changes (espeacially the continued paragraph)

-Alcohol Stills (MOONSHINE, BABY!)

-Forestry (But only after reading a book, except for the Park Ranger)

-Beds( Yes, Yes, Yes)

-Skill affect the quality of work

-Oil lamps

-Books/newspaper turn into trash after reading

-Carry weight and bags


-Fire mechanics


What I don't like:

-Hunter (or special) zombies (the devs aren't going to add those - ever)

-The job changes (except the Park Ranger)

-RPG stats (No, No, NO!)


Overall this could one of the best posts on the forums. You have many good ideas and they are resonable. I do see your points.

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