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List of Moodle Parameters for Items Scripting


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I've been trying to find a list of moodle names for items but haven't found one so far. These are the ones I know of:

  • HungerChange
  • BoredomChange
  • UnhappyChange
  • StressChange
  • ThirstChange


Are there any more? Is it possible to modify endurance?


EDIT: I just realized that I can get these parameters by looking at the Javadoc reference for the Item class. So to answer my own question, here are a few more:


  • FatigueChange
  • EnduranceChange

I wonder how the mapping works though, because if it's being done through Java's reflection mechanism, then we should be using "ThistChange" instead of "ThirstChange" due to how the method is spelled.

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Found two methods, "Moodle" and "Moodles", and even more confusing was there is two effects for sickness, "Sick" and "Sickness".


Sickness is the level of Sickness numerically(Int) and "Sick" relates to the moodle state itself (The moodle "Level" such As "Light Moodle" "Average Moodle" or "Heavy Moodle").


Ultimately, The java you listed is the way to go, but only relates to items, I don't see "BoredomChange, SicknessChange, PanicChange etc etc" as inherited methods in the player class, the way I modified was from a custom trait- Here is an example of what I did:


Altering the Moodle level, is not supported yet, (Build 23 at time of writing) Check out this thread if anyone ended up here looking for a way to alter Moodle states from the player class, not items:




The basic jist of it, is MoodleFactory hasn't been implemented (Yet!).

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