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John Hogan


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Soft reset complete, loot restored for those who signed up. Loot reduced slightly overall, Characters should be fine. Although backup often people have been haveing "Heart Attacks" randomly.


LAST 48 hours 82 players have DIED, 6018 zombies have stopped walking.. Only 9 of those deaths where player VS player kills.

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-Full world Reset

-Characters fine




-Zombies Increased to Hogans Hideout Original.

-Zombie Strength Lowered, gives more time to search, before rushed.

-Zombies re spawn amounts reduced. In ceased hours to 12.



-Loot Reduced to rare

-Thinking about extremely rare, but hard to do with multilayer will test this further


-Notes want to make the game a little more about scavenging to live not getting an axe and being done.

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