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[US] [Online 24x7x365] [PVE,PVP] [Bedford Falls V1] [Muldraugh+Westpoint+Bedford=Huge map] [PUBLIC]

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Server status : Online



Dear all,


Launching a new public server for the Project Zomboid community. This one located in the US, Atlanta. Dallas server coming soon!


Any settings can be changed. Just let me know (Go Reddit!)


Server has been paid for until 04-2015 and will be used for Project Zomboid only.





Ignore the paint skills   :) :





Download the map before joining the server, no point in playing without it   :-)


Server started @ 05-04-2014.



Server details / settings:


Linux Ubuntu, 2 Cores, 12 GB, 100mbit.


IP :

Port : 16261 (default).

Location : Atlanta, US

Version : Build 25V3 (29-03-2014).

Player slots : No limit set at this time.

Map : Bedford Falls V1  (This is the map you normally play but with an extra town!)

Server uptime : 10 days

Map runtime : 1 day

Map reset(s) : 0

Whitelist       : On, but server is set to OPEN for now.


Teamspeak details :


Join us on Teamspeak, more and more people joining. Great way to communicate for forming group / teaming up.


IP :

Password : "monika"



Any Server-setting can be changed, just let me know. Need to know what the majority wants. Left the zombies settings default, again this can be changed.



The map : Bedford Falls (Test V1).


All credits to RingoD123 and the map contributors.


Please note you can only spawn in Bedford Falls or West Point at this time. Taking a trip from Bedford Falls -> Muldraugh can be an adventure. If you do spawn in Muldraugh then you did something wrong and you won`t see the new changes in the map.



Bedford Falls! :


Picture      : http://theindiestone.com/forums/uploads/monthly_03_2014/post-66-0-19524300-1394396502.jpg (This is the new town, both Muldraugh and West Point are also located on the map)


Installation of the map : It`s easy, simply download the file at the above URL. Extract the folder ("media") in your Project Zomboid directory (making a back-up of the folder by renaming it is advised).


This map is awesome! The map contains the original Muldraugh and West Point towns. Located East of Muldraugh, there`s a new town called Bedfort Falls. Plenty of loot available and hopefully people will spread their wings and explore this huge map  :)


Spawn 1 will make you spawn in Bedford Falls.

Spawn 2 will make you spawn in West Point.


Muldraugh is a nice walk  :)



Notes : 


-Add teamspeak info duh!

-Test maximum player load (server load, loot).

-Add more custom spawnpoints, proffs.

-Add change / map reset history.

-Recruit mods.

-Restrict FW ports to limit the amount of players.

-Get a server running in the USA!

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Dallas server is just sitting there atm, not sure if I should use it as there`s allot of USA servers and not enough players at this time. Lucius, I was thinking about that and I think I can make it even more hardcore :)


Not for the weak :P

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