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[The Brutal Monster][US Server][MidWest][24/7][Vanilla][PVP/PVE][Role-Play][Build 27]

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Whoever did it. Did it. It happened. Clyde's Bar was an experiment, we stood somewhere between neutrality and aid givers and sported a civil diplomatic freedom. We now know that doesn't exemplify us from attack like I hoped it would. If it is rebuilt it's not Clydes Bar. It's something else and whoever wants to run it can try a new approach and I wish them luck.

If I (clyde) survived it probably wont be for long as my gear, food and guns were in my crate. But I'll still try survive as long as I can.

It's not over yet.

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a hotfix to fix the Farming, rain, fire and blood tiles is out...



to download it read thru the thread above or just download it here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/57d3kkh0ao71rkr/PZ_Build26Hotfix.rar


extract it and copy the media folder into your :/Program File(86)/Steam/Steam Apps/Common/ProjectZomboid folder overwriting the media folder there.

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server should be fixed now, was something to do with the hotfix.....

uninstalled PZ thru steam and reinstalled it for both the server and my client. all the stuff the hotfix fixed is working, maybe they updated it thru steam and that made the issue.

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Jon can you give me your server.ini contents please?


Fresh server, all by the book, BF V2 map copied, errors while starting again...


With the BF map there should be 1000+ buildings, i keep loading 700 (default).


Will try one more thing or I ll give up :(




Loading world...
tiledef: loading media/tiledefinitions.tiles
tiledef: loading media/newtiledefinitions.tiles
        at zombie.iso.IsoLot.readInt(IsoLot.java:66)
        at zombie.iso.IsoMetaGrid.Create(IsoMetaGrid.java:568)
        at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.init(IsoWorld.java:1010)
        at zombie.network.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:156)
How many files do you have in your MULDRAUGH, KY Folder on your server?
Ok I got the BF building loaded, finally (sorry for using your thread but I need you help lol).
Loading world...tiledef: loading media/tiledefinitions.tilestiledef: loading media/newtiledefinitions.tilesjava.io.EOFException        at zombie.iso.IsoLot.readInt(IsoLot.java:66)        at zombie.iso.IsoMetaGrid.Create(IsoMetaGrid.java:568)        at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.init(IsoWorld.java:1010)        at zombie.network.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:156)45, 33ALARMS: 108/1549 buildings have alarmsreturn code: 0*** SERVER STARTED ****server is listening on port 16261

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my servetest.ini

PVP=truePauseEmpty=trueGlobalChat=trueOpen=trueServerWelcomeMessage =  <RGB:1,0,0> Welcome to The Brutal Monster MP Server ! to chat locally press "t", to global chat press "y" or add "/all" <LINE> before chatting. Type "/help" to have a list of server commands. <LINE> <RGB:255,0,255> A path is being cleared thru the woods from Muldraugh/West Point to bedford Falls. <LINE> <RGB:255,255,0> Server should now reboot if it crashes instead of being down till i know its down. <LINE> <RGB:1,0,0> If you have any suggestions please post them in the forum thread or just let <LINE> me (Jon Syn) know in game if im on. thank you. <LINE> <RGB:255,0,255> We are looking for people to form a few groups/clans and start role-playing, this would include raids,defending bases,farming crops for the group...etc. <LINE> if you want to join a group/clan or create your own please post on this servers forum thread. <LINE> <RGB:1,0,0> Check this servers forum on theindiestone.com for a link to the Professions Mod to give you new starting loadouts based on your profession, Transmorphering Bats to craft more deadly bats, and Nail Crafting to craft nails from items. <LINE> <RGB:1,1,1> POst Suggestions for mods on this servers thread on theindiestone.com . looking t add NCYawMod and a few otheres.  <LINE> <RGB:1,0,0> LogLocalChat=trueAutoCreateUserInWhiteList=trueDisplayUserName=trueSpawnPoint=0,0,0SafetySystem=trueShowSafety=trueSafetyToggleTimer=100SafetyCooldownTimer=120SpawnItems=SpawnItems=Base.Ramen,Base.Ramen,Base.KitchenKnife,Base.Bandaid,Base.WaterBottleFull,Base.DuffelbagDefaultPort=16261ResetID=143517686Mods=Map=Muldraugh, KYSpawnRegions=servertest_spawnregions.lua

my servertest_spanwregions.lua  put this in with your servertest.ini

function SpawnRegions()  return {    { name = "Muldraugh, KY", file = "media/maps/Muldraugh, KY/spawnpoints.lua" },    { name = "West Point, KY", file = "media/maps/West Point, KY/spawnpoints.lua" },  }end

i took the bedford falls spawn point out because whenever i spawned there i had no zombies till i rejoined.


and no worries about asking stuff in the thread ill help if i can.

i also get that error when i start up the server think its just a error from bedford falls v2 hasnt effected anything yet that i can see.

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