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Community project: Radcliff [beta released] v0.2


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Excelente! Hey man you can use my buildings if you like, take which ever fit your needs. How did you get the gulf course sign to the editor? Is it custom?

Yea it's a custom sign. I made it based on the logging Corp sign. I edited a picture I had for the golfer and then just made the text and tilted it accordingly. Then I just fitted the whole thing for the tile sheet. I also made a few other signs for the town.
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Oh man, I´m so excited for this map. How many people are currently working on this?

Basically it's been just me after/during the summer, meaning I haven't had any buildings since the beginning of July. Before I've had 7 people altogether contribute to the project a total of 63 buildings, which is a totally awesome amount in my books and I have to say a very special thanks to all of these guys!


I'm currently working on a medium sized mall to be added, but I'd really need some people to help with the regular houses, or at least the interiors since I've started to pump out the exteriors a bit too much for my decoration pace. The mall is going to take a while to finish, but I'll probably do another mondoid type thing when I get that done. :)


Here's a sneak peak of the mall for those who became too itchy. ;) It's loosely based on this building and location.


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great friend that looks promising I'm doing a few houses left me even finish but when done tastefully and the publishes sure you can use them be very helpful also'm doing some decorative items if you like you can also use them for something somo all community collaborate with whatever follows so this great map  (clyde)

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Hey if you want a building from me please do say so, I prefer making large® structures of 100+ rooms. So if you need something sizeable just pop me a PM with the details.


I'll have the lot back to you and you can tweak it to your hearts content. Also, I don't 'pre-age' my buildings, the game and erosion through time must do that. I also don't do built-in gardens or terrain also for that exact reason.


Kind regards. :)

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Ok, here we go again! Happy Mondoid and welcome back to follow the progress on this all too much life consuming project! :P


I'm happy to say that progress has been plentiful and that's mostly due to my little helper Valindil who's been furnishing my buildings with amazing speed! A big thanks for you man! He's so far furnished 3 packs of buildings with over 30 buildings plus some buildings of his own making. That means, I've been able to focus more on the neighborhoods and more specialized buildings, that I've wanted to do.


This has yielded some great progress so why won't we just get to the pics!?! Well let's!!


The airfield:

Here's a small plane airfield with an aircontrol tower, some hangars and a toolstore to accompany the flying mechanics.



The Yard:

This one is mostly the work of Valindil and I finished this just today. It's a truck yard/railway connection with plentiful warehouses, staff trailers and a main building with offices and the lot.



The construction site.

This I've been wanting to do for a long time and I think it turned out great. Google maps showed that the area wasn't finished so I decided to just mimic real life here and put the whole area under construction. Of course I took some liberties with the outside appearences of the buildings, but all the better imo. :)



Neighborhood #3

Connected to the construction site is another homey neighborhood. This is the ultimate american dream, picket fence, family dreamland that you see in the television. Just beware that the residents might not be that happy to see you in their cozy homes. ;)



Progression update:

Now, this is what I'm most proud of. I can finally see the whole thing looking like a real map!


This is basically the first 3x3 cell area that I'll try to finish completely before moving on and maybe releasing it as a standalone map. Now this means that in the coming months I'll be needing some testers to play the map and report any/all bugs they find. This'll be some time away and since my school work is intencifying so I might have to take some longer breaks off the project, but I'll get back to it whenever I find the time!


Anyway here's the full area as of today.



Please send your buildings if you want to contribute and make the game world even larger! (clyde) (clyde)


And lastly, the loveliest of Mondoids to everyone!! <3

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Happy late Mondoid everyone and welcome back to follow the progress of the Community project: Radcliff.


Today I have a sligthly different Mondoid post since I'm going to show you just one (in addition to above) picture and ask for some help. :)


As some of you following are probably guessing, Vine Grove and it's immediate surroundings are finished!! That would be a total of 12 cells (4x3) with well over 400 unique buildings, ranging from farms to a town hall, from baseball fields to gazebos. And to top, tons of farmland, woods, rivers ponds etc. to roam around.


Now what does it matter? Nothing, unless you want to join me in beta testing the full Vine Grove area. ;) If you want to help get the map out, PM me and I'll send you a link for the map. I'll start that process when I've slept through the night and will hopefully not regret posting this. . .


Now a few ground rules: I would appreciate if beta testers would not distribute the map or stream it publicly. That's basically it. Also please be lovely in general. <3


What I would like from you is to first and foremost, find and report any/all bugs you find to me via PM (I don't want to clutter this thread too much). If you feel a bit more up for it, try to find everything that seems a bit off. Eg. a house without a sink or a toilet or an office without tables or wrong spawns etc. Prefarably send me pictures of the building, describing the problem and use Robomat's coordinate viewer to post the building's location, as there's a ton of buildings and however unique they are, I don't remember all of their locations. :P


Most important of all, have fun! (clyde) (clyde) (clyde)


When the beta phase is through I'll post a new topic with the full, hopefully bug free, Vine Grove area in the mapping section.


Oh, and to add, the map is, atm, standalone and will not be connected to the vanilla map yet.


Thanks in advance, to all who want to help! :)


As promised, here's a picture of the whole area:



Lastly, good night and have a lovely week! <3

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Hey guys! I'm just quickly popping in here to say that unfortunately I've had to pause the making of the map, :( because my pc broke down last week and I have no money so I can't afford a file transfer, fixing the computer not to even mention buying a new one. So until I get it fixed (if there's anything to be fixed, it's an 8 year old pc) I'm going to have to lay low with the mapping and Radcliff.


Hopefully I get some extra work in addition to school so I can save up enough for the fix.


If anyone's interested in trying to find out the cause here's a little description of what happened:

The first time I experienced problems (this time) was that when I started the pc, the screen froze on the BIOS menu screen and wouldn't budge. My keyboard didn't get any power, but my mouse did and it wasn't dependant on the USB port. I tried to boot the pc with only one stick of memory individually and without the gpu and the result was the same.


Then I reseted the CMOS with the jump switch and now I only get a black screen. :???:


I don't get a BIOS beep since the doofuses at the last repairshop had lost the speaker when they changed the motherboard and I only noticed it when I came back home and didn't bother taking the whole machine back. All fans seem to be working fine and there's been no significant heating as much as I can tell. I've also tried cleaning the whole box.


Thanks for reading!


I'd like to give one spoof though and that is, before my pc broke I had finished 5 new cells which I'll add to the beta once I get back going (I'm probably going to do 3 more so the map will grow from 4x3 to 4x5). I still have the beta version for test if anyone's interested in having a go. ;) I have a few testers and so far I've only had well under 10 reports on bugs so all should be very stable and playable. :) Just PM me if you'd like to test it out.


Anyway, have a lovely weekend!! <3

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I'm curious if anyone has tried this map in MP yet. I know the map is currently in limbo and it would be a shame for it to stay that way.

P.S. I sent you a pm with more info suimiboi

Yea, I got the pm! Sorry for taking so long. I'll message you in a sec!

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I'll try to rremember to get back to you and everyone else who's contacted about this asap! I've been very busy with my school, after I've been chosen to be the director and script writer in a short film. :P

I'll get back to the project when I get my pc fixed! I don't want to let it die!! :'(

I have got only a couple of small bug reports so far with only very minor stuff so I might throw the dl link here at some point.

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Radcliff beta


I can not and will not support any MP versions of the map and can not commit bug fixes in the forseeable nearTM future. The map is a beta version and does have bugs. I take no responsibility for broken saves or the like. You do this at your own risk. If you're willing to live with this knowledge without complaint here's something for you ;):





Installation directions: just extract the files in your %username%/zomboid/mods -folder and enable the mod from the pz mods options window (you might have to restart the game). There's a readme file included with the instructions. The map should work at least from build 28 forward.


I'd prefer any/all bug reports as PM rather than here on this topic. Thanks!


Also this is not me abandoning the project. I've had so few bug reports that I've decided that the map is pretty much playable as is and there's really no reason to hold it back from any of you. Also since I can't come up with the improved version as quickly as I thought, I wanted to give this for all those who have supported the project so far. Thanks a bunch guys and gals!!! (clyde)




Have a blast! :D

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would you mind if i chose to stream it on Twitch sometime?

Sure, why not. Pop me a pm or a message here before you do, so I can check it out! :)


as i am heading off to Las Vegas in about 20 hours, it will most likely not happen until the 29th.

but i'll certainly let you know. and thanks.

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  • 3 months later...

Heyheyhey and Happy Mondoid from me to all you folks!


As Arnie says it above, I'm back! Slower than ever!! Meaning I'll be working on the project full steam, but I won't be as fast as before, as I'm trying to maintain a life. :P


However, that doesn't mean there hasn't been any progress. There has. Lots. How lots you axe? Very lots! 8 cells, and a couple of hundred buildings (amounting to a total of 638!! more accurate, updated list in the OP). So altogether I now have a 4x5 map finished!!


And as I've been away for so long, I just decided that you deserve to get the playable beta of the map.


Without further ado, here it is:



Also I've finished drawing the maps for 5 additional cells south of the current area as well as 6 cells to the east. So I'm probably going to finish those before giving you the next release. By then the map will be 5x6 or 30 cells.


Lastly since my new borrowed lap top is a potato, I can't give you the whole progress map. It takes too long to load the map with the tools so I can't get proper pictures without taking a year doing so. Instead I've contacted blindcoder and hopefully I can upload it to his very awesome map project site!


But I'm not going to leave you without any pictures! Here are some locations that I think are interesting in the newly added areas:


Farm #9?

There are and will be a ton of farms on this map. This one doesn't have a well.


Here's a playthrough pic. I was settled in this farm to the south when a gunshot attracted a few of these buggers to mess with my happy settling. :( I ran into the barn and got cornered. I was careless and let them too close, got bit and died a few days later.






Here's a new area to the North-West. It's basically some mid-sized buildings with a very rural setting. This is why I wanted to do the Radcliff area in the first place. It's a lot more open than Muldraugh and WP as well as even more rural. It's the most traditional setting for anything to do with zombies.



The growing neighborhood

This is a small neighborhood to the South-East. It was under renovations and people were just moving in when the "Knox-Event" happened.



Derelict house

I have to say that this is my favourite building in the whole map so far. It's just... I can't even describe why I like it, I just do! :D




1st floor:



2nd floor:



As before, I've updated the OP with the completed cells, buildings as well as the new download link to v0.2.


A happy Easter Mondoid for all!!  Eat eggs and so forth!

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