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Invisible walls / FPS?


Invisible Walls?  

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  1. 1. Do you get em? And what FPS do you get?

    • Yes I get them lots - 50-60FPS
    • I get them sometimes - 50-60FPS
    • I get them rarely - 50-60FPS
    • Never had them - 50-60FPS
    • Yes I get them lots - 30-50FPS
    • I get them sometimes - 30-50FPS
    • I get them rarely - 30-50FPS
    • Never had them - 30-50FPS
    • Yes I get them lots - 10-30FPS
    • I get them sometimes - 10-30FPS
    • I get them rarely - 10-30FPS
    • Never had them - 10-30FPS


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And welcome the lovely world of PC's! Where sometimes one little driver somewhere in some obscure location will cause you grief :)


Can't really say I've run into any lag spikes that ive noticed with just my eyes and pretty much always 50-60fps from when I have but the odd and I do mean odd invisible wall has occurred.. Once with a horde and the other when just wondering about but I haven't moved on from the .10 version. Running in 64bit, an I73820, gtx670, 16gb ram.

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I have no idea if this will help or not - but while I was testing a new mod, I came across a section of a map that was still lit in the middle of night.  I couldn't walk into it.  This might be more properly a map bug, but it sure felt like an invisible wall to me.



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It runs really smooth for me, never had any lag or slow-down, mabye because my computer  is badass lol xD

XD could you like post your setup lol


Not really good at telling my set-up but i'll just tell you what I can see...


The computer is an Advent with a AMD Phantom X4 64 (Graphics card I think)

Thats all I know, sorry if it wasn't much help


Lol your PC isnt badass.


I have a 4.0ghz Quadcore 8 thread Intel 950 i7 with a 7970 3GB GPU and i can get this game down to 8-10 fps in places.

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