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[EUROPE] [PUBLIC] [PVE,PVP] [Online 24x7x365] [Bedford Falls V2] [Muldraugh+West Point+Bedford Falls] [ [Active Admins]


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Post under construction :)
Download : http://www.mediafire.../AlicesKeyV1.7z to play on server.

Extract it and put the AlicesKeyV1 folder into c:/users/your name/zomboid/mods folder

Dear all,
Launching a new public server for the Project Zomboid community.
Server has been paid for until 01-2015 and will be used for Project Zomboid only.
Admins :  "Sassa" /  "JonSyn" / "H3llR@" / "Masuka27" / "AliceC"
Server open to all players, make sure you run the latest version (B26-V4). 
This map contains the following towns : Muldraugh and West Point + Bedford Falls (v2).
How do i get the latest Project Zomboid (Multiplayer version) ?? (B26!).
Read here! :
Server details / settings :
IP :
Port : 16261 (default).
Location : Germany, Europe.
Version : Build 26V4
Player slots : No limit set at this time.
Map : Muldraugh / West Point + Bedford Falls V2  (This is the map you normally play but with an extra town!)
Server uptime :
Server started @ 25-03-2014.
Any Server-setting can be changed, just let me know. Need to know what the majority wants. Zombies are set to harder then normal (both speed, memory, strenght).
There`s road from Muldraugh -> Bedford Falls (v2).
Bedford Falls V2 on the right (East).
(Thanks "Sassa" :))
Download the Bedford Fall`s V2 map before joining the server, no point in playing without it   :-)
The map : Bedford Falls (Test V2).
All credits to RingoD123 and the map contributors.
Bedford Falls V2! :
Picture      : http://theindiestone.com/forums/uploads/monthly_03_2014/post-66-0-19524300-1394396502.jpg (This is the new town, both Muldraugh and West Point are also located on the map)
Installation of the map : It`s easy, simply download the file at the above URL. Extract the folder ("media") in your Project Zomboid directory (making a back-up of the folder by renaming it is advised).
This map is awesome! The map contains the original Muldraugh and West Point towns. Located East of Muldraugh, there`s a new town called Bedfort Falls (the road E will lead you to Bedford Falls). Plenty of loot available and hopefully people will spread their wings and explore this huge map :)
Edited by AliceCooper
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Just made a run from Bedford to Muldraugh, 27 minutes in the mostly rain and thunder :) I did notice some area`s with 0-5 zombies. Some people also noticed the same around Bedford Falls. Just have to find the right balance in terms of zombie numbers. The server / network can handlesallot. But clients don`t like 1000`s of zombies :-)


With the amount of loot, max number of players of set hopefully there won`t be a need for allot of resets (I think 12-16 players max).

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About 12 people on until late last night. Good fun. 


Everybody seems to like BedFord, didn`t see any people spawn in West Point. Muldraugh seems to be unlooted / untouched :)


Need a few more regulars and we`re good (16 players is a nice target). Map should run for some time without any resets.


People have to work but if you can`t connect to the server etc, just post here.

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Even if this is a public server, try PauseEmpty=true in serversettings.

If empty, the time pauses automatically until atleast one player is online again, this would be giving us more time without rotting/depleting water etc.

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Thanks, had allot of fun yesterday with the guys.


BlindCoder just released the Bedford map : http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=BedfordFalls.


If you walk W (long trip) from Bedford you will end up In Muldraugh. If you`re @ the rail-yard it should be in the South East. Making a little tutorial how to reach the other towns as we speak (a full map with the roads in also being made).


Please note the map is a WIP and not all roads etc have been completed.


I still get lost in this map :)

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This has been the most stable and lag free server I've tried, always at least a few people on and some fun chat, getting to Bedford if you dont spawn there is proving to be hard though without more acurate directions, but that's a criticism of the map designer that he hasnt helped people reach his creation if they dont spawn there. East of Muld, South of Westpoint, is a pretty large vague area of punishing forest to search. Could have just given a tip for example (and this is not a valid direction) but find the police station in Muld then head due East and you will hit Bedford, or some other landmark that applies.

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I know Kaitel, I remember ending up East of Muldraugh (end of map) the first trip from Bedford Falls to Muldraugh.


I will figure something out this weekend (I know there`s a map being worked on which will give you a complete overview on how to travel between towns).


Let me figure something out in the meantime.

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Something's wrong when I try to accesws this server (unsure if anyone's on atm but oh well). It gives me an error message at the bottom saying: "Client version (956) doesn't match server (962)" 


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Kaitel, check out my super paint-skills-map! :-)


I checked, double check, triple checked the route haha. Come TS and we will walk it together tonight.







@ PetraP


You sure you`re using the latest version available on STEAM? Don`t have other people with this problem. Can you connect to other servers?

Please let me know.


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Finally, you've done what the modder should have done, thanks! I was indeed trying too far south of that, I wouldn't describe that as east of Muld, it's east of the trailer park above Muld. Getting my hiking boots on!


Petra make sure you are on the IWILLBACKUPMYSAVE beta branch, instructions are on these forums if not.

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