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Discord ban.



Greetings, I may have been banned on discord, possibly triggered a keyword? I don't know, tried to join and it won't work.  It happened yesterday, I was chatting in the pz-chat, with others, at some point people kept saying that their cars/zombie corpses/ other stuff disappeared, given the context of our discussion it seemed funny to me so I typed in a meme since the current role wouldn't allow for gif using, I basically said ,,Nibba stole my bike'', with the ,,B'' not the ,,G'', since I figured the bot would probably see that as an offence, even though I didn't expect it would also take that version as well as an insult or bad word. Now, considering the fact I didn't insult anyone or break any other rules, I kindly ask to be unbanned. On the future I'll refrain from making comments that could possibly trigger such actions. Lastly, I mention the fact my comment was purely intended as a meme, not racism or anything similar. My discord username is: drakteq
Thank you in advance for the assistance, and I do apologize for the inconvenience. 

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