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Black Screen on Main character.



Hi Devs,

I was playing normally today but when I got the the Valley Station Mall, the game crashed. After logging in again, I get a black screen and only 1 error is shown in the bottom right corner but I can't check what it is.

If i create another character I can play, but my main character gets the black screen and that's it.

I've survived more than 100 days and it would be great to keep playing with him.

Can the Devs help me? Where can I find the game logs to send to you?

Thank you in advance. PZ is on my top 10 lifetime games.

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It looks like you have a lot of mods loaded. I would recommend you first make a backup of your save.
After that, if you have issues with mods, try disabling them one by one or in batches to figure out which specific mod is causing the problems.

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I don't think the mods are the problem.

I've created a few other characters in the same save with all mods on and they seem to work fine, but not the main one.

I believe it's something on the valley station mall in this case.

I'll try to get him out of there without the mods then turn them all again to see if it works.

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Posted (edited)

Well, I was able to get him out of there, although I lost my m998 and all my gear.

Mods plus hundreds of zombies on a gtx 1070 is not recommended.

Thanks for the help anyway Beard!


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