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Outdoors/Indoors sound issues

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Good day, everyone! I'm playing on the latest stable build 41.78 in singleplayer, and I have an issue with the sound. I recommend you to read this first and then watch the video to have a clearer picture of my issue.

I have been building my house for quite some time and ran into one problem with the sound that I get when I enter the house. I have built rooms and the floor above them as a roof to make it, well, isolated from the outer world and create a shelter. The problem is that in two of my rooms in my house (kitchen and freezer) the sound of the outside world is still the same as if there was no roof above them, which really breaks the immersion, even though I have built the roof above them, same with the lighting indoors. The game refuses to create the muffled outdoor sounds inside the building in these two specific rooms. In the video, I also show the actual built roof above the rooms and run around to show that in other rooms the muffled sound of the rain works just fine except for those two mentioned above. Please, check out the video and help me out with this - I have put a lot of effort in this house and really want to fix it... somehow...

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Guys, I found out the reason why it happemed. Since I put to pillars right next to the wall, or rather in the wall, it countes as if an invisible wall - hence the bug. Since I also didn't have the doorframe connecting the rooms it countes as one room - the freezer and thus the kitchen was affected by the bug. So don't put the wooden pillars in the wall or else the room will count as outdoors and temparature will be like outside as well.

Blue - missing doorframe
Red - the wooden pillars in the wall that made it "invisible"


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