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New bad trait appears

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As you can see I chose underweight as a bad trait, as well as others, but for no reason the game also gives the "out of shape" bad traits, but I didn't took it on the character building menu

Is it due to a combination of the bad traits I took ?




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2 hours ago, Thewhitewolf said:

Is it due to a combination of the bad traits I took ?



Default fitness is 5, taking Underweight drops that to 4, which automatically gives you the 'Out of Shape' trait as well.  If you raise your fitness level to 5 the Out of Shape trait will be removed.  If you had taken Out of Shape as well as Underweight, you would have the extra points to spend, but your fitness would be down at 2 (thus making it take much longer to lose Out of Shape).


Putting weight on by eating will get rid of the Underweight trait, but won't impact your fitness - you'll have to raise that the hard way.

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