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Welcome to Project Arkadia - Your New Survival Adventure!


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Server Details:
- Location: Australia
- Max Players: 20+
- Connect: play.projectarkadia.net or
- Port: 26050

Our Settings:

  • Vanilla: No mods, just pure survival fun!
  • Triple Experience Points: Accelerate your progress with 3x experience. Level up and unlock new abilities faster than ever!
  • Abundant Resources: Never run out of necessary materials again. Our server offers plentiful resources for all your crafting and building needs.
  • Safer Nights: Wander the world after dark with less worry. Our nights are brighter, reducing the need for constant lighting.
  • Friendly Environment: Enjoy exploring with fewer zombies and a focus on survival ease, perfect for both new and experienced players.
  • Enhanced Performance: Experience seamless gameplay with our optimized server speeds.

Ready to Transform Your Survival Experience?
Ready to Transform Your Survival Experience? Join Project Arkadia Today! Join our server by clicking: https://discord.gg/4KjfNuaJYD

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