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Peace Offering - Generated Audio


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I'm concerned I've come off as a bit critical, so I wanted to contribute something to Project Zomboid and the community at large.


I've created a set of 53 audio clips, based on quotes from the TV broadcasts. These are free for anybody to use - even Project Zomboid. You can assume an MIT licence if it helps, however the audio is AI generated and AI generated content was ruled not to have copyright in the US, so I can't enforce anything anyway.




Let me know if you can't access the download.



The files are presented as-is, with no warranty. They're in ogg format using what should be lib vorbis (lossless, I do believe?). Some files may contain instances of high pitched screeches or horrible noise, even in seemingly quiet files, this is because the AI has an element of randomness to it. I've tried to edit out unpleasant sounds and had to edit about 17 files, although I have retained originals for some as I suspect more creative members might see a use for a normal sounding audio turning distorted (radio static?).


Suggested Examples

Not all audio files are created equal. My favourites are:

"Doopity doo Weewoo Weewoo Woo - Cleaned.ogg"

"Greenes Grocery Youre part of the family.ogg"

"Gas to Go a Fossoil company.ogg"

"Good evening youre on TripleN.ogg"

"Judge Matt Hass  on TripleN The voice of reason.ogg"

"WBLN Your news your station - shouting.ogg"



Production details:

In terms of details for how it was produced, I have a local Python instance (offline!) of an AI audio generator that... is a bit quirky, shall we say... but it can generate voice clips, random musical stings, and very rarely, sound effects. Most of the time though it just dumps out screeching ear-bleed noises. It may read the text as given, or it might just scream. Unsurprisingly, it ignores most hints and suggestions, so the accents etc were not specified and that's how it has dumped out.


Further Disclaimer

I do not exert any control over the specific demographics the AI dumps out, and it ignores any accent related hints for generation. It is more influenced by the manner the text is written in. For example, adding the word 'guvnor' will provoke higher odds of a (fake) British accent, whilst adding 'y'all' provokes a more American one. For some reason it really loved 'Triple N' and 'Judge Matt Hass', but it hated "Jolly Good" and would just produce an electronic squeal.

I'm happy to take requests - although I reserve the right to refuse any for any reason at all (whether belief based or otherwise), including no reason at all. The AI generator is difficult to herd towards reasonable sounds sometimes, and not all clips will be successful.

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