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[B41] water tiles 1 to 4 should not be solidTrans (and Grave building minor bug)


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B41.78 / Single Player / No Mod / New Save

Map position: any shore tiles with 2 contiguous water tiles.


Problem description:

This short video shows that shore tiles with 2 contiguous water tiles:

  • are blocking the path while they have similar representation as shore than can be walked (those with 1 contiguous water tile). I consider this to be the root bug but it is subjective: such squares should not be solidTrans, they should be walkable for intuitive user experience.
  • block grave construction when they are the primary square, but allow grave construction when they are the secondary square. This is objectively a bug that can be corrected by inluding the condition that the square does not have the solidTrans property.



  • I do not know the right way to remove the solidTrans:

I guess it must be handled in a map creation tool by correcting the tiles blends_natural_02_1, blends_natural_02_2, blends_natural_02_3, blends_natural_02_4 to have the same properties as blends_natural_02_8 and not the same as blends_natural_02_6

  • How to correct the Grave:

server\BuildingObjects\ISEmptyGraves.lua ISEmptyGraves.shovelledFloorCanDig line 176: add 'or square:isSolidTrans()' condition.

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