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Weird issues trying to run game at resolution different from monitor's native resolution

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My setup: 1 4k monitor and 2 1080p monitors

Trying to run game on 4k monitor (it's the biggest and is also the one closest to my face, making it the best one to use for gaming)


When trying to run Project Zomboid on any other resolution other than 4k in borderless window is not possible, game will change nothing and run at 4k anyway when you try to run it at 1080p


Trying to run the game at 1080p in fullscreen causes the game to try and open on a secondary monitor for some reason, before deciding to run at 4k anyway on said secondary monitor before then returning on the primary display, at 4k


Game does not want to run at any resolution that isnt the monitor's native resolution, Will try to find a monitor with the resolution you set and run on that one instead.


If it does somehow decide to run at 1080p, it will only take up 1/4 of the monitor area in the top left corner.


Possible fix: Well Cities Skylines is able to run at resolutions other than the monitor's native resolution just fine, so it's likely not a windows problem.  A potential fix would be a setting that forces the game to run on the display you specify (so it doesn't try to do that weird monitor hop thing), as well as forcing it to take up the full screen space rather than just the corner when in full screen and borderless window.


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Borderless windowed mode will always scale to the maximum resolution of the main monitor at this moment. The game will always try to run on the Main Display selected in the Windows display settings.

A possible fix for your situation is disabling the two secondary monitors, then run the game in 1080p fullscreen mode on your 4k monitor and see if it runs correctly. Then you can enable them again.

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