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Connection bug with the "VOIP" radio when the character logs into the system


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Good afternoon, Initially a big compliment to the indie Stone team for developing the game.

I am facing a problem with the VOIP mode communication radio. 
When I'm playing in Multi Player and I'm close to a character who both has a radio and is on, 
we can move away without any problems and the radio works perfectly. 
The problem is that when a new player connects to the server at a distance above 100 chunck, 
the radio does not work, meaning the player has to get close to the players for it to work. Would this be correct or is it a bug?
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Ok, thanks for the answer.

I believe that you must already be working on this adjustment and I am very happy.

Sorry again for the inconvenience, but would you have a preview date for the new release?

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This is very important. While things are being moved server-side that radios which are placed on the ground are also moved!

Reason being is, people press mute on the button. Someone else enters the room and starts talking, and the radio is only muted for one person! All kinds of awkward conversations get leaked and base raiders with distance trackers can find you because of a annoying mechanical bug.


Please make radios server side!

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