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Functionality For Viewing The Top & Bottom Of Staircases

Witch Jay

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First of all I'd just like to say that after looking through the majority of the suggestion threads & change/update logs for PZ I haven't seen anything about being able to look up or down flights of stairs (which, on many an occasion, has been the death of me) so have decided to take to the suggestion thread.

I understand that tactics such as whispering at the bottom of stairs or just sprinting straight up can be employed, but I feel as though it would be nice to be able to actually look up & down stairs to avoid unnecessary or frustrating deaths due to a group at the top.

I'm hoping this feature is in development with the new LoS changes that are also being implemented, but if not, please take this suggestion as something that would be a general improvement for the game.

~ AJ

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Yeah I'd like to be able to see up them stairs too instead of having to rely on the online map of the game world. 


You know remembering which building had which steps so I can orientate my character properly to prepare for a zombie attack.


If going into a building to clear it out is always a risk at least allow me to be strategic about it starting with being able to look at them stairs!

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