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Help Needed: Movement bug



My character is stuck walking north for some reason, just walking endlessly into the corner of the room and I cant get them to stop.

Yes, it happens when I have a controller plugged in, and stops when I unplug the controller, but, I've changed controllers and the same thing happens, so it isn't something which is wrong with the controller itself, but my game or laptop accepting the use of a controller? I also don't have any mods enabled, so, I really cant explain it...

I start a new game, "this is how you died", I press play, and then they just start walking north. Baffling. 

I can only play the game with a controller. Do any techy people here have any idea how to fix this? Some help would be much appreciated!

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It is a standard XBox controller. I have two, and it happens with both of them. I checked the Options in game as you suggested but there is no indication that anything is being pushed. I also checked my keyboard and there is no indication anything is being pushed. I really don't know what to do about it. 


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