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Final Hour | DEDICATED | PvP | Airdrops | Vehicles+ | Weapons+ | Clothing+ | Map+


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**About Us**

At Final Hour Survival we strive to provide a unique survival experience, through weather, zombies and players you are challenged to survive with, either play alone or team up and create a settlement. Turn your settlement into a tradezone or a base to defend against all. This server is meant to give you realism as to what apocalypse survival really has to offer. Be a hostile player or provide for the good by creating safe zones, trade zones, or just simply helping out one another, the choice is all yours survivor!


SERVER PORT:   29300



**What We Have To Offer**

- Random Airdrops, and Events with rare loot.
- Dedicated, Friendly and Supportive staff team that focus on staying corruption free.
- Friendly and welcoming community, players of all  gaming abilities are welcome.
- Variety of cosmetics, hairstyles, clothing and vehicles available.
- Powerful Player Versus Player experience.
- Suspenseful gameplay throughout the server experience.
- Unexpected events throughout the map
- Lots of new locations to explore in the map.
- Players can claim safe houses and make them respawn points.
- Factions, Clans, Groups, you name it.
- 24/7 dedicated server.

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