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Administration / Changing server settings on Linux Host

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Hi there,


I have asked in some other threads but I think it might be smarter to just start a new, dedicated one:


Two questions:


1. server commands not through the client ? anything possible ?

(stopping, starting to start it off)

I know there´s ctrl+c to stop it, but is there another way ? 


2. hard reset of server ? how´s that done ? 


3. changing server settings

in windows there´s the PZserversettingsexe , which changes the sandboxsettings.xml file.

does changing the file manually in linux change anythign at all ? 



thanx in advance




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ok after fiddling around a little here´s what I ve managed to come up with:


1. not possible / not tried as of yet as I cant seem to get an admin account going


2. not tried yet


3. manually changing the sandboxsettings.xml does indeed change the settings. 

I was able to start a server and completely deactivated zombies. then changed the valus and booted back up and voila. zombies.

so I assume that´s how it´s done. 


next on the roadmap:

building a webfrontend to be able to 

stop / start the server

change server settings

administration of whitelist


anyone with me on this ?


I am working on a debain 7 machine and my programming skills are meager if existant at all 

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