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a few roadblocks to building


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most of these aren't really bugs but issues with game mechanics that can be a massive hindrance and don't really make any sense.


i don't know exactly how it works but it seems that you can only perform an action on a build piece (like adding a wall to a frame) from specific angles, rather than anywhere that is facing the piece. the result is that when building on upper stories, you can find yourself standing right next to a piece, in a situation that would normally work, but the game refuses to allow you to build the thing that is right in front of you. you are sometimes forced to scaffold all the way around the building, and sometimes that is not doable. i don't know how easy this would be but reprogramming the game so that all you need is to be standing right next to a wall frame or other build piece in order to build on it (or that whatever side you are already on is the side you build from) would save players a lot of stress and make the game more fluid and realistic.


another issue is that it seems you can not sledge (or build) a floor tile from the other side of a doorway, which might make sense i guess but can be very annoying if you don't know about it and wreck yourself into a corner.


relating to the last point, the game seems to think that anything built on the roof of a warehouse qualifies as "outside" even with walls and a roof. i don't know if this applies to all warehouses as i have only tried the current one (self-storage facility in south-east of West Point), but i saw others saying the same thing about the big warehouse in the north of Muldraugh.


also it would be great if we could have stairs that can face all four directions, but i'm sure you've heard that one already.

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