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Double sized textures setting break some custom tiles mod


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So for example the mod Secret Z have 4 required tiles mods, and in game when double sized textures setting enabled, it works just fine, but my pc is too bad to zoom out with this setting enabled, but when i disable this setting some modded tiles getting big or disappearing or breaking rendering by overlaying other tiles. How do i make so if tile dont have bad texture variant it will just use good texture variant so it dont break rendering, or maybe theres way to fix this tiles automatically...

dont know how this works honestly

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ty for reply, ok i will try to find which mod havent got no texture for disabled setting and contact author. I was thinking that there is some mod that can do this automatically, because its just need to get texture smaller in size by 2 times, or zomboid by itself had such a feature because its not that complicated i think?


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