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Dreadwood is being updated with a new layout! I apologize for the old map, but due to complications it's unworkable right now. Keep an eye out for updates. 


Care to take a look at the large upper class houses in the suburban side of town? Beware of the dead who inhabit the once snobby area. Or perhaps you'll enjoy a stay at a five star hotel in the city? It may be your only safety in a city swamped in the dead. Those who get away from the population will find dangerous abandoned buildings, winding trails, and  trailer park homes. Wherever you so choose to stay..


welcome to




(Map - WIP)



here's a closer view of the more completed cells, still not quite done yet. 




Some screenshots!







  • More nature (forest, water, camping etc...)
  • More detailed world and realistic building placements
  • Derelict buildings (beware of holes!)
  • Trailer Park
  • Suburban homes
  • Small city
  • And much much more!



Pridelost           -Project Lead

       956texas           -Building assistant


Thank you for all your hard work 956texas.


Thanks to

  SiebenDoctahWong, and Beastly Bean for their buildings.



Old Dreadwood (nostalgia)


Download Link

(May not be compatible with the new Zomboid. Over a year old.)







-Over 150 unique buildings


-'inside' marks the spot!


-'alive' marks their last moments


Watch your step. Don't get cornered. 


Why is there still bleach in the fridge?


Known Bugs (Beware)

CDC roof access stairs


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Guys dont just download, please give us feed back...its crucial :(



UPDATE COLLEGE 1.3 FINAL : now contains stairs and lighting, also added an outside eating patio outside the cafeteria.. in front of the 

Dorms, there's patios to cookout, i know many of us back in college (quit the last year to graduate), many of us would do that...


it contains:


2 dorm buildings

2 lab Buildings

3 regular classes building

1 office building

1 gym

1 Mess hall

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I must say, your building skills are improving more and more!



The mini mall i've got to check out, if i see some bits of 'glitches', i'll tell you about them.


The college one is my favorite of the bunch, first time someone's built(?) a college in the forums. So, i'll check it out too. :)


The Industrial building is good, but the choice of the exterior wall is what irks me, not to be rude or anything. :)

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Please do report any issues, i updated several buildings to 1.2, they now have roofs ;D


thank you doctah wong :D for your comments,, next up is a movie theater, but the sad part we need more tiles :( that have to do 

with such building, o well il see how it comes out: Next Up PRojects:





8 shelters

1 kitchen

1 Restroom

1 office

1 medical 

2 pill boxes

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Yes! I promise I'll release it as soon as it's ready. I understand anything artistic is never complete but I'll know when to put my 'brush' down. Not too much longer now.  ^_^


Also in the middle of updating the page. New screenshots incoming!

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Here comes something no one was expecting,  I call it, Xotic Pyramid Strip Club :D, want to stop stress, and remember good times? Well come in the best Strip Club in the area, 100%n-u-d-e, well before the apocalypse..........lol  


it contains:

private rooms


dressing room

pool hall


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I like the apartements and the greenhouse :)


Keep it on you two!


Thank you! Every room in every building that I made is unique and the apartment building with the shops took the longest out of everything. The ground inside the greenhouse is all dirt so you can plant inside I'm pretty sure. 

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